An open mindset finds the best solution

An open mindset finds the best solution

67 Designs Team |

It started with a simple, but clear mission

When we started 67 Designs we wanted to make mounting any device simpler without it looking purely utilitarian or industrial.

We also wanted to design the universal mounting system any consumers could then mix-n-match components from different manufacturers. 

It's taken a while, but our clients tell us we are ahead of the pack with our 'vendor agnostic' attitude for anyone to use components with 3/4", 20mm, or 1" ball systems.

We believe 20mm is optimal, but why be closed minded? 

Here are just a few of the compatible options to consider.

Vector Bar Compatibility

Travis and the team at Vector OffRoad produce some interesting hardware for Jeeps. The tailgate table is a particular favorite! That said, the Vector Bar in combination with the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series is a sight to behold. 

Don't just take our word for it, just look at the wonderful setup by a mutual client who replaced his entire Ram Mounts® arms and all but one holder with beautiful carbon fiber and our machined holders. Oh, and a 67 Designs setup will cost you less than what you would have to spend on Ram Mounts® arms and connectors.


Vector Bar Upgrades by 67 Designs


Carolina Metal Master's Compatibility

Carolina Metal Masters ("CMM") are another great independent US manufacturer of mainly Jeep hardware. They created an ingeniously simple 1" ball mount that can be used in place of the 13mm bolt at the front of the Jeep JK. We like this approach and now you can attach any (CF) Carbon Fiber Series fixed carbon fiber arm and have another platform for devices, including phones, tablets, handhelds or even the sPOD power management panel.

Below is an example we use with a new Ram Mounts® compatible Carbon Fiber fixed arm. These work great with line of site positioning with the A-pillar to keep the field of view wide open.



sPOD Panel Compatibility

The US made 4x4s-POD power and control systems are loved in the Jeep community for controlling lights, fridges and all manner of add-ons we build into our vehicles. The (CF) Carbon Fiber series is the best looking mounting solution whether you are using a 20mm base, a CMM 1" ball around the A-pillar or any 1" ball setup.  

Check out the new sPOD HD panel 3D printed bracket complete with ball mount here. If you have the non-HD version that has a pre-installed Ram Mount® 1" ball, simply add a Dam Adapter™ to your order and have the power management controller just were you need it.

 sPOD Compatible



Sneak Peak - For Rock Hard4X4 Sport Cages

In November we will begin shipping clamps designed for the 1.75" tube used in the Rock Hard 4x4 Sport Cages. The new slimline 2-piece clamps are precision machined and anodized clamps with a 20mm ball installed. No drilling of the Sport Cage and you mount as many as you want in any location you want. The perfect compliment to the Sport Cage. More on that in October as we get photos wrapped up and posted.


Go ahead. Ask us and we'll help.

Our growing team are always happy to help assist in building mounting solutions for your vehicle, boat, office or home. Just submit your question and we'll help you select the right components or even custom design components. Ask us HERE


Full Disclosure: 67 Designs has NO marketing or other commercial relationship with CMM, sPOD or Vector OffRoad. However we simply have clients that have also enjoyed their products - and we think it's positive to help support fellow independent designers and manufacturers here in America that are also creating American jobs!