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If you need help configuring a system please send us a message via the 'Need a hand?' button lower right or call 469-646-8810. (M-F 9-4:30)
If you need help configuring a system please send us a message via the 'Need a hand?' button lower right or call 469-646-8810. (M-F 9-4:30)
New Products and Maintenance Options

New Products and Maintenance Options

Ahead of schedule with more new products for you! 

It's always great to see the product line increasing and becoming ever more adaptable. We listen to our customers, we design, refine, test and expand the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series.

This month we launch the following products you can use in your vehicle, home and office mounting solutions.


The Rockhard 4X4 Sport Cage Collection w/ 1.75" Tube Clamp

1.75" Clamp

Sport Cages by Rockhard 4X4 offer a great platform for Jeep owners to mount products. The NEW 1.75" machined metal clamp is compact, strong and finished to the very highest standard. Each half has a pre-installed inner grip material to protect the coating owners apply to their Sport Cages and it can be attached to any installed Sport Cage.  


The Elbow 


So simple, yet so useful! This small hardened metal elbow is perfect for joining two fixed length carbon fiber arms. It's been amazing to see how people are using these to enhance the options, get around obstacles and well, be creative in how they hold a phone or tablet. 

The Mini Carbon Fiber Arm

Mini Carbon Fiber Arm

There has always been a demand for shorter carbon fiber arms and we're pleased to announce the limited availability of the "Mini". The NEW Mini arm uses just 40mm (1.57") of our polished carbon fiber and is already a hit with owners that like to use GoPro® and other action cameras on the trail.


The Diamond Plate Alternative - 2 and 4 Holes

Diamond Plate Alternative


There has always been a desire to have what is often referred to as the "AMPS hole pattern". We are pleased to offer both a 2 and 4 hole base (or could be mount) with holes that are 48.56mm (1.912") center to center apart. Made of black Nylon and complete with a metal 20mm ball these are the 'diamond plate alternative' with the cleanest finish.   


Little Ball for 1" Tubing

Little Ball for 1" Tubing


From Vector Bars to Gobi Racks there is a ton of 1" tube all around us. It makes a solid mounting point to hold all sorts of mounts and other hardware. 67 Designs now sells the Little Ball for 1" Tubing that is fast to attach and an alternative to the clamp. Whether you thread the tube wall or use a washer and nut you have a very discrete mounting point for attaching carbon fiber arms and related hardware.  


Built for maintenance, by design.

From the start we have made products from the best materials so they will last on the trail and over time. One of the design goals was to also allow owners to maintain and keep their system fresh with field replaceable Super-Grip surfaces. 

Is your Super-Grip on your Universal or MagMount worn down or the edges peeling up? Simply replace it. If you don't feel like doing it, simply contact Customer Service and we'll be happy to provide information on our "Refurb Services".


replacement Surfaces


Go ahead. Ask us and we'll help.

Our growing team are always happy to help assist in building mounting solutions for your vehicle, boat, office or home. Just submit your question and we'll help you select the right components or even custom design components. Ask us HERE


Full Disclosure: 67 Designs has NO marketing or other commercial relationship with Rockhard 4X4. However we simply have clients that have also enjoyed their products - and we think it's positive to help support fellow independent designers and manufacturers here in America that are also creating American jobs!

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