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Customer Update and Newsletter (Q4/2016)

"It's our clients that make it all worthwhile...."

Without a doubt 2016 has been a gratifying year for the team at 67 Designs. Our customers have guided so much of what we do and provided us great energy to strive for higher ground. We have taken some gambles and learned a lot on our journey. There is still much to do and the product pipeline is getting stronger while we have also invested heavily in customer service. 

Still climbing 

On-demand local manufacturing using 3D printers for plastic and metal is bringing back US manufacturing jobs. 

67 Designs has unquestionably proven that on-demand production in the US is here to stay. We see that in the increasing velocity of orders for our drop-in/pull-out 3D printed device holders for Otterbox®, tech21®, LifeProof® and many more devices/cases. Offering 3D printed holders was a forward thinking, but we have evidence that world trade is changing and will accelerate with industrial scale printing.

Yes, 3D printing is a long way from displacing complex multi-material products at volume, but the advances in industrial 3D printing materials are the kernel of a revolution in manufacturing and distribution.

While 3D printing remains more expensive than traditional injection molded parts, 67 Designs has largely driven out tooling costs and inventory costs and reduced the need for large warehouses and driven up service responsiveness.

As a result, our library of device holders to fit 'naked' or cased devices grew 5x faster than projected while our turnaround time for designing holders for new devices has been reduced by 80%. Our vendor's current 3D print lead-times remain relatively high, but in 2016 alone we saw a 30% cut in published lead-times from order to delivery to our team for finishing. Further, 97% of all 3D printed components complete quality assurance and finishing before being shipped the same day to our clients. 

If you have not yet considered a 67 Designs 3D printed device holder for your vehicles or your desktop, here is some feedback from customers to consider.

67 Designs 3D Printing


We deliver mounting solutions across industries and markets, but who can resist the passion and commitment of the Jeep® community?

The Jeep community is thriving and is just plain fun to be part of. As Jeep owners ourselves we know the passion for personalizing Jeep Wranglers. As a result of strong demand and solid feedback, our JK Mount™ has gone through 2 generations - now with the often requested JK Mount 2 Ball Base. Of course we could not have done that without a solid and growing group of great Jeep centric YouTube aficionados and avid fans of the highest quality mounting system for their JKs. Thanks to all for such great support in 2016 and thanks for sharing on Youtube, Instagram and other places.

Decals across the country


Gearing up for 2017

As mentioned above, we are about to enter 2017 with some interesting products to add to the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series. We are excited to be launching in Q1 two new aluminum universal mounts for regular and large devices. We will be adding even more options for 3D metal printed holders (yes, they are expensive, but incredibly cool on every desktop that appear!).

In 2017 we also hope to be at more Jeep events and get out of the studio a few more weekends than we could in 2016. Look out for 67 Designs and potential pop-up events and competitions.

Thanks to each and every one of our customers. If you have been forwarded this newsletter and are not yet a customer, check out the site and products like the iPad® Pro desktop solution or just make up your own mounting solution from the many components of the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series. 


iPad Pro Desktop by 67 Designs

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