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Supporting and Encouraging Fellow American Innovators

Many that read this article, may think it strange that the founder of 67 Designs would reach out to support a young couple creating what appears to be a competitive method to mount a phone in a Jeep JL/JT.

The reality is that "co-opetition" is part of our corporate culture. So is helping fellow American innovators and manufacturers.

In fact, 67 Designs has a long history of reaching out to others. Take for example the relationship with Vector Offroad that started several years ago. Sure 67 Designs and Vector Offroad compete hard in the market for customers, but through a spirit of co-opetition the pie has simply gotten much bigger. It has increased and not decreased choice for the consumer. It's a mindset all parties have to have. Frankly not everyone "gets it".

One young couple that "gets it" is Alex and Dmitri of Offroam/Cypress Overland based California. Perhaps because of their background in Enterprise software they understood the intent and goal of collaborating and creating a 20mm ball OffRoam Jeep vent base that you see pictured below. It's an ingenious base that is manufactured in the US and to the same high standard of 67 Designs components.

 Check out their new Offroam base and combination packs. The base and packs are sold direct by Offroam at their store.

 Offroam Vent Base

 The Offroam base for the Jeep JL/JT vent ring with 20mm ball.

Offroam Base and 67 Designs Mounts

Images by Alex and Dmitri.

In closing, we hope that in a world of lowest cost and lowest quality overseas made knockoffs that are neither foolproof nor bulletproof that you consider how your purchase goes to support American innovators and manufacturers. Whether that is from 67 Designs or Offroam you will be supporting American manufacturing.