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JL Mount - Replacement 3M VHB Installation Material

$ 6.00

For JL Mount Customers Only.

  • Replacement 3M VHB Installation materials are only shipped to verified customers of either the 'Driver" or "Rail" editions of the JL Mount™.
  • Verification by Customer Service is via prior order details including email address + prior order number + prior ship-to address.


  • Peel off the old 3M® branded VHB components for the JL Mount™ base.
  • Place a fresh 3M® branded VHB material and remount the base to the dash.
    • Perfect for moving the base from one JL to the next. 

    Product Details

    • Custom cut VHB material custom cut to shape
    • The Driver Edition Kit includes:
      • 1 x 3M VHB material for "The Driver" base
    • The Rail Edition Kit includes:
      • 2 x 3M VHB set for each section of "The Rail" base.
    • Made in the USA
    • Allow 24 hours from application to optimal bond.
    • Will NOT reach optimum bond if ArmorAll® or similar gloss detailing sealant has been applied to the dash.