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MagMount G2

MagMount G2 - Silicone Replacement Surface

$ 2.75

Installation is Easy.

  • Peel away the existing silicone
  • Place a fresh silicone over the edges of the MagMount G2.  


  • Freshen up your MagMount G2 face in just seconds. 
  • Helps ensure optimal connection between the steel plate supplied with the original MagMount G2 delivery and the MagMount G2 body. 

How to get shipping for just $0.75!

  1. Add only ONE replacement surface to the cart.
  2. The automated shipping rules for this item will then pickup the product specific shipping of just $0.75. If you add more than one MagMount G2 replacement surface then the $0.75 shipping will not be available at checkout.
  3. Place your order.

Product Details

  • This replacement surface is NOT compatible with the prior MagMount G1. For replacement surfaces for that model, go here
  • Keeps the device firmly against the MagMount.
  • Silicone surface is delivered with a protective cover to peel away before use.
  • Item Number: A23043