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If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
67 Designs for Van and Camper Life

Van & Camper Life

67 Designs offers two different track-based solutions to discretely mount devices around a van, trailer or camper.

The Series 55 is a very discrete track platform that comes in various lengths and can be attached around the vehicle.

If your van already has the larger scale L-Track often seen in Adventure Wagon, RoamBuilt and Sportwagon, then we have an excellent all metal single ball base.

Not seeing a product or configuration you want or need, ask Customer Service. Remember to look for the holders and arms for your desired configuration around the van.

  • Mercedes Sprinter Base with Series 55 Rail (2020-Current)

    MB Sprinter Base (VS30 2019+)

    from $ 39.00

    Installation.  Allow 5-10 minutes to install. Some drilling required. Fastener hardware included. Mounts at 6 points for a sturdy installation....

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  • L-Track Base

    L-Track Base

    $ 35.00

    Installation is Easy.  Spin the knob to release the base a little and then insert-n-slide to lock in the base. Tighten the thumb knob to lock th...

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  • Series 55 Rail System

    Series 55 Rail System

    from $ 12.00

    Check if it fits your vehicle! We have created a template that you can print and cut out to see if the base will fit in your vehicle. Click to ...

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  • Series 55 Trackball

    Series 55 Track Ball

    $ 19.00

    Installation is Easy.  Install in a 67 Designs Series 55 track profile. Use locking plate and fastener.  Slide into desired location and tighten...

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  • Universal for Phones G2 - Made in the U.S.A.

    Universal for Phones Device Holder G2

    $ 49.00

    Availability of the Universal for Phones G2 The Universal for Phones G2 is now being rolled out with the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™ Pa...

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  • MagMount G3 Device Holder

    MagMount G3 Device Holder

    $ 45.00

    The MagMount G3™ is offered for individual sale on this page and is available in the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™ Packs. JL / Gladiato...

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  • 67 Designs Universal Tablet Holder
    Sold out

    Universal Tablet Holder

    $ 120.00

    Generation 2 ("G2") After an amazing period of selling the initial Universal Tablet Holder we have now sold out the G1 and we are slowly releasin...

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  • Holder for GoPro

    GoPro® Camera Mounts G2

    $ 35.00

    A Few Options and one Simple Solution 67 Designs' offers two different options of the GoPro® compatible mount. Please select carefully after rea...

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  • Matte Carbon Fiber Arm by 67 Designs

    Arm Builder for 20mm - 20mm Ball Sizes

    from $ 27.00

    Welcome to your Arm Builder™ Use this page to select available arms that have clamps for 20mm balls at each end of the arm. Arm length  Arm f...

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  • The Dam Adapter by 67 Designs - G2

    The Dam Adapter™ for 1" Balls

    from $ 9.00

    Installation is Easy. Undo the included fasteners and attach to a 67 Designs' carbon fiber arm (not included) and any existing hardware that has a...

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  • The Elbow for Connecting 2 Carbon Fiber Arms

    20mm-20mm Elbow Connector™ for Carbon Fiber Arms

    $ 19.00

    Go ahead - Get Creative with the Elbow.  Install each ball of the Elbow Connector™ into the metal connector on the end of the carbon fiber arm. ...

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  • Small Bar Clamp Mount G2

    Small Bar Clamp Mount G2

    from $ 29.00

    Product Details Carbon Fiber Series™ Small Bar Clamp Mount G2 allows you to connect to small bars and tubing such as a headrest mount.  Maximum d...

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  • Mounting Clamps for 1" ~ 1.5" ~ 1.75" ~ 2" OD Tube

    Mounting Clamps for 3/4" ~ 7/8" ~ 1" ~ 1.5" ~ 1.75" ~ 2" OD Tube

    from $ 37.00

    Benefits Clamps for the most common OD size of tubes used on vehicles today. Rapid installation for bars or tubes with diameter 19.25mm. (3/4")...

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  • Universal Carbon Fiber 2 Ball Base by 67 Designs

    Universal Carbon Fiber 2 Ball Base

    $ 49.00

    Benefits By far the most clean and attractive way to install a two ball base in any vehicle. Made with real matte finish carbon fiber. Expandable...

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  • Diamond Plate Alternative - 2 Holes

    Diamond Plate Alternative

    $ 29.00

    Installation is Easy.  Install in minutes.  Benefits Superior materials and made in the USA. Use as either a base to fix to a surface or on ...

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  • Amps Plate by 67 Designs

    AMPS Plate

    $ 29.00

    Installation is Easy.  Install to your device holder that has the non-square (rectangular) format AMPS fitting.  Benefits Superior materials...

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  • X-Plate
    Save 21%


    Original price $ 19.00
    from $ 15.00

    Installation is Easy.  Install to your device holder that has a square and not AMPS fitting.  Benefits Superior finish and materials Use as ...

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  • Suction Cup Base G2

    Suction Cup Base

    from $ 19.00

    Product Details - G2 A totally new design of a lightweight pump-action suction cup for the Carbon Fiber Series™. Carbon Fiber Series™ - Suction Cu...

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  • (CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Cable Clip

    Cable Clip

    $ 19.00

    Installation is Easy. Press on the carbon fiber arm Press in the Apple cable  Benefits Keep your Apple or power cord neatly on the carbon f...

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  • Universal Suction Cup Pack - Suction Cup G2, Arm & Device Holder Pack

    from $ 86.00

    Benefits The Suction Cup G2 is super simple, lightweight and has a small diameter soft rubber base. The pump allows the user to see the vacuum an...

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  • Slotted Bottom Ball - 20MM by 67 Designs

    Slotted Bottom Ball - 20MM

    $ 15.00

    Product Details The Slotted Bottom Ball allows you to attach a metal 20mm ball using a standard 1/4" - 20 female thread. It's a great way to att...

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