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Covid-19 Advisory


To our Customers and Prospective Customers,

Thank you for taking the time to come to our site as well as reading this important notice.

At the time of writing this update, Texas is learning to cope with a major surge in Covid-19 hospitalizations. The positivity rate is the highest it has ever been and at 14% is twice the national average. Not good and we are all mindful that Shelter in Place orders could impact our operations any day.

Our manufacturing and fulfillment facility is working efficiently Monday through Friday and all staff social distance while wearing masks and gloves for the entire time on site. It's definitely not easy, but we are doing our best to take care of each other. Orders are getting fulfilled at near normal pace.

Everyone at 67 Designs truly appreciates all orders placed with us. It makes a huge difference and we are doing our very best to serve you while ensuring our team stays as safe as we can.

Please know that like many companies serving the in the overlanding/outdoor and adventure markets we are experiencing significant demand. We have profound gratitude for every order and every customer.

Our team is manufacturing as fast as we can, but know that every week many items in our store sell out quickly.

We will be updating product availability every Sunday by 6PM CST.

We simply ask for your patience if you see an item you wish to buy is sold out. We do not take pre-orders and we ask that you check the site on Sunday evening.

Finally, On May 12th, 2020 we made the decision to suspend accepting orders from customers outside the United States and Canada. We deeply regret this situation, but the shipments are taking longer with all carriers. As soon as we know the shipment times have improved we will, of course, re-instate export options.



Owner, 67 Designs 

Tuesday 28th June, 2020

PS. If any of you reading this or your family are unsure if you should stay home or why social distancing is critical for America, watch this entire video. You do not need to be a math nerd to understand the message and simulations - especially toward the end. (Here is the link if it does not show the video below -



We pledge to never use Covid-19 as an excuse to do mass outbound email brand marketing to our customers. All Covid-19 advisories will be available on our site for people to review as well as being highlighted on all order confirmations from March 15th, 2020.