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Covid-19 Advisory


To our Customers and Prospective Customers,

67 Designs has manufacturing and distribution operations in Dallas County and as such is subject to the conditions of the Shelter in Place Order ("Order") that came into force at 11:59PM on March 23, 2020.

We are processing open orders and operating in compliance with the Order.

Please know that my focus must and will be on the health and wellness of our small, but committed team. Our manufacturing, finishing and packaging operations in Dallas will be impacted to some degree. Every order placed will receive review and a member of the customer service team will be in contact.

Everyone at 67 Designs truly appreciates serving all customers and prospective customers. We absolutely appreciate every order placed with us. It truly makes a huge difference and we are doing our very best to serve you.

Remember - if you have been able to order the products, then those items have been set aside for you. 67 Designs only sells what we have on the shelf ready to add to the fulfillment queue.



Owner, 67 Designs 

Tuesday 24th March, 2020

PS. If any of you reading this or your family are unsure if you should stay home or why social distancing is critical for America, watch this entire video. You do not need to be a math nerd to understand the message and simulations - especially toward the end. (Here is the link if it does not show the video below -



We pledge to never use Covid-19 as an excuse to do mass outbound email brand marketing to our customers. All Covid-19 advisories will be available on our site for people to review as well as being highlighted on all order confirmations from March 15th, 2020.