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Is the item you want already sold out? Please know we update our inventory levels every Sunday at 6PM CST
Is the item you want sold out? Please know we update our inventory levels every Sunday at 6PM CST

Customer Update


To our Customers,

2020 was a challenging year - unpredictable, rewarding, exhausting. We sincerely hope that our products added some joy in your lifeBeing out on the trail, or in your own aircraft or on the water are a few of the less risky activities during this pandemic. This led to an incredibly high demand which has not subsided.

We are deeply grateful for your patronage and continued support of our company and our products. Prior to the pandemic starting we had initiated a major investment in our US supply chain that was accelerated in response to the surge in orders in Q2. As a result we faced unprecedented disruptions waiting for US tooling to be completed. Like all other direct-to-consumer producers we have faced logistics partner constraints which delayed final mile service around the US. It is hard to fault the USPS and UPS in these tough Covid-19 times, but we know it can be frustrating seeing delivery timelines by the USPS stalled online. For retooling reasons and the not-so-obvious limits on shift headcount due to new working space protocols we continue to focus on our domestic customers.

We realize the impact that may have had on many of you. We are working tirelessly to increase our manufacturing capabilities and expand our space/team and we thank you for your patience.

That said, after having introduced the new and improved Universal for Phones G2 and the MagMount G3™ in late 2020 we are scheduling the launch of even more new Carbon Fiber Series products made right here.

Our mission is to provide you with the finest device mounts available while having a positive impact on our community. As a design team and manufacturer we are constantly working on improving our products to better serve you and we appreciate your feedback- a big thank you for your continued support!