Installation of the Defender (L663) Base

Before beginning, please read all instructions thoroughly. Allow between 5 to 15 minutes to complete the installation of the Defender (L663) single phone dash base (vDEF03).

Note that these instructions are interim and non-public via the menu system and intended only for initial and invited customers of the base at this time. 

Defender DEF03

Step 1: Understand the following warning with respect to the Land Rover dash materials and the 3M® adhesives.

  • 3M, in collaboration with its local Texas converter and 67 Designs, has identified a potential issue with the adhesive used by 67 Designs for over eight years. It is believed that the adhesive may be subject to plasticizer release and degassing of the Land Rover dash molding or coating. As a result, 3M has requested 67 Designs to inform all customers of the importance of adhering to the company's published bonding setup guidelines.
  • Specifically, customers are advised not to apply any load to bonded parts with 67 Designs components within 24 hours of their initial attachment. Additionally, it is crucial that customers thoroughly clean the surface with the provided alcohol pad and allow the alcohol to evaporate for no less than 10 minutes before making the initial contact between the component adhesive and the surface of the dash. This measure ensures the durability and effectiveness of the adhesive bond.

Step 2: Dry Run with the base on the dash horizontal beam close to the display.

Defender DEF03

  • Refrain from removing the adhesive's red liner at this stage.
  • Identify the raised horizontal bar originating from the inclined back wall under the dashboard, positioned on each side of the screen.
  • After disassembling the clamps, bolt, and knob, leaving only the toothed fitting within the plastic base, proceed to a dry fit directly at the center of the horizontal bar.
  • Ensure to push back so that the base's angled back with center ribbing aligns along the inclined rear. Mentally note the specific area which will require cleaning with the provided alcohol pad.
  • Following this, carefully remove the base and place it aside for subsequent steps.

Step 3: Wipe the area with the alcohol pad

Defender DEF03

  • Open the sachet to access the alcohol pad.
  • Proceed to meticulously clean the area previously identified for contact with the base and the 3M® adhesive material.
  • Initially, the application of alcohol will present a wet appearance, transitioning to what seems like a dry state shortly thereafter. It is important to note that, despite this appearance, the alcohol may not be fully evaporated, especially within the textured surfaces of the dashboard.
  • It is imperative to allow a minimum of 10 minutes for the alcohol to completely evaporate from the dashboard's texture.
  • While this may seem inconvenient when eager to proceed with installation, ensuring the area is fully dry is crucial for achieving the optimal adhesive bond.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to use this waiting period to engage in a brief distraction on your phone at the website to look for even more products to purchase before returning to continue the installation process after the full 10 minutes have elapsed.

Step 4: Remove the 3M® liner from the adhesive and set the base.

  • It is now time to proceed with the removal of the red liner from both adhesive pads, thereby exposing the adhesive on the base.
  • Carefully and deliberately align and attach the base to the dashboard, ensuring it is positioned in the exact orientation established during the dry run phase.
  • This process must be completed in a single attempt; repositioning after initial contact significantly reduces the likelihood of achieving a durable, lasting bond.
  • Achieving success in this step is entirely feasible, even for individuals with gorilla sized hands, provided that the dry run was effectively utilized to familiarize with the precise placement required.
  • Ensure that the toothed metal component is oriented upwards before firmly pressing both adhesive pads against the back wall simultaneously.
  • This action ensures a secure and bonded attachment at both points of contact. Apply significant pressure and maintain this force for 60 seconds before releasing. This procedure is critical for establishing a strong, reliable bond.

Step 5: Now just go away. Seriously, just walk away and do everything else in the world for minimum 24 hours. That's not a request, it's an instruction and backed up by 3M®.

Defender DEF03

  • Do not add the clamps, bolt, knob, arm or holder. Seriously, you will ruin the bond - and you just need to leave it alone for a minumum 24 hours as per 3M®, ideally 72 hours.

Here is what 3M® publishes:

"After application, the bond strength will increase as the adhesive flows onto the surface. At room temperature, approximately;

  • 50% of the ultimate strength will be achieved after 20 minutes,
  • 90% after 24 hours and
  • 100% after 72 hours. "

Also factor in the temperature you are working in. 3M® published this:

"...the lowest temperature for the interior components that you are mounting 67 Designs bases to is a minimum of 60ºF (16ºC)."

Step 6: If you want to add the clamps inside 24 hours, walk away.

  • Set a timer in your phone and just walk away. 

Step 7: After 24 hours, add the clamps, arm and holder.

  • Only after 24 hours, come back and install the clamps, Ball2Ball™ arms and either the 67 Designs Magmount G3 or the 67 Designs Holder for Apple MagSafe Charger (Carbon Fiber). Do NOT use 3rd party device holders of any kind or mechanocal side loading holders of any kind. 
  • Always remember to undo the knob on the clamps to release the clamps from the toothed component so you can easily move the parts and orient them as you wish. This is NOT a friction movement system. This is a system you must loosen, move and tighten the components back together. Any failure to loosen the components could result in you or your guests ripping the base from the surface of the dash and voiding the limited warranty.
  • The bottom line is this - use common sense and you will have a useful life and great utility holding your phone in the Defender L663.

* If you absolutely had a problem with the alignment of the base in Step 4 and did not get a perfect bond in the 2 places and therefore need to replace the 3M® adhesive, contact Customer Service and we'll sell you some more.


Remember, your feedback is valuable for continuous improvement. For any questions or suggestions, please contact customer service. Always drive responsibly, avoiding texting and emailing while driving.