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International Orders

Direct Orders:

Canadian customers can order directly from our web site - JK Mount™ Packs #1-#3 is the flat rate $25 USD. For products other than Packs #1-#3, please contact customer service.

Australia: Customers can order directly on the web site - JK Mount™ Packs #1-#3 is the flat rate $50 USD. For products other than Packs #1-#3, please contact customer service.

Middle East:  Customers are encouraged to see the contact details below for Ramy Automotive. If your country is not listed, please contact us directly.

Mainland Europe - please contact customer service.

Taxes and Duties: Please note that customers are 100% responsible for payment of all import duties into their country. No prices shown on the website, including country specific shipping costs, include any taxes and duties that may be due to you as the importer of the goods. All orders will include insurance and tracking.

Order and Payment Mapping and IP Addresses: Orders will be processed by 67 Designs that show the order came from the final destination country and the credit card is issued from a bank in that country or a US based issuer. 67 Designs uses fraud detection and reserves the right to contact the buyer or to cancel the order.

Shipping Agent Services for Non-US Clients: Any orders that are submitted by known or suspected personal or corporate outbound shipping agents will be declined and refunded. If you are such an agent or provider of US based ship-to address services, please contact us for service pre-approvals.