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JK Mount Reviews and Videos

User review of the JK Mount™


CrawlTV and the Double Ball Base on the trails.



UK TV personality and presenter of Car SOS now uses a JK Mount. Kudos to our UK and European reseller, Alex at Buzz Racing, for providing Tim a JK Mount™ Pack #4. Thanks Tim!


A review by Z at JeepArmy USA. Posted February 22, 2016. Check out and subscribe to JeepArmyUSA and see his other great Jeep videos. 


A great customer-created video showing just how easy it is to install a JK Mount™ Pack #3. Posted April 26, 2016. Check out and subscribe to permafrost91 and see his growing list of Jeep related videos. 



Interested in knowing about the 67 Designs custom device holders and design services? If so, check out what a recent customer and user of the JK Mount ™ system posted 5/28/16. Pop over to Chris' site here to see a growing list of Jeep videos.


Testing Feiyu-Tech 1,2 and 3 Axis Gimbals for GoPro work with a JK Mount™


The following 3 videos show the unique capabilities of the Feiyu-Tech WG 1, 2 and 3 axis gimbals for GoPro action camera systems in a 2015 Jeep 'JK' Wrangler. Each Feiyu-Tech gimbal was mounted to a 67 Designs JK Mount™ installed in the dash of the Jeep.

 One Axis - WG "Lite"

 Two Axis - WG "Mini"

 Three Axis - WG