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Custom Marking Services

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    Small Batch

    • Specializing in small batch marking, 67 Designs offers the highest quality marking services.
    • Artwork services available.
    • Samples available.


    • Deep & burn engraving.
    • Annealing permanent marks in metals including; Stainless Steel / Steel / Titanium / Carbide / Tool Steel and others.
    • Ablating and removal of metal.
    • Black surface marking of metals, including: Brass.
    • Color change marking of plastics (foaming)
    • White color marking of plastics (frosting)
    • White contrast marking of electroplated components. 
    • Marking of electronics such as iPads and other devices.
    • Serial and index marking of parts.
    • Laser cutting of wood, leather, thin-sheet metals and acrylic up to 1/4" thick.
    • Offset pad printing on flat and contoured surfaces/shapes.

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