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67 Designs Counterfeit Claims & Prevention Program

As the #1 innovator of Jeep® Wrangler/Gladiator mounting systems, we are well aware that domestic and foreign counterfeiters will try to sell their counterfeit and knock-off products through Amazon and their own sites without licensing, authorization, copyright, and trade dress.

If you believe you’ve purchased counterfeit goods which are not authentic 67 Designs products, please reach out to us through the link below. We’d highly appreciate you sending information, pictures, and we may even pay you to send us the counterfeit items as we continue to take action against the malicious counterfeiters.

Remember, 67 Designs may be shown in Amazon keyword searches, but the Amazon results show only counterfeit/knock-offs made in Asia. 

Our company continuously strives to protect US innovation and support US manufacturing jobs. We do not sell through platforms that knowingly do not or cannot effectively police counterfeiters even after notice of intellectual property infringement. 


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