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If you need help configuring a system please send us a message via the 'Need a hand?' button lower right or call 469-646-8810. (M-F 9-4:30) CLOSED ON MEMORIAL DAY.
If you need help configuring a system please send us a message via the 'Need a hand?' button lower right or call 469-646-8810. (M-F 9-4:30) CLOSED ON MEMORIAL DAY.

Arm Builder for 20mm - 20mm Ball Sizes

$ 27.00
SKU F05X-M-RED-RTS [H02344]

Matte Black Sizes are Available in the Pro Series Arms™

If you are unable to select a matte black arm on this page, please go to the Pro Series Arms™

Welcome to your Arm Builder™ for Colored and Polished Finish Options

Product Details

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • The castings are completely redesigned and are proudly tooled and made in the U.S.A. All part of 67 Designs commitment to American workers and knowledge transfer to a new generation.
  • The connection for the Nano version does NOT contain carbon fiber due to the size. It is made of aluminum.
  • The total length of each arm (tip to tip and not center of the ball to center of the ball) in this collection is +/-:
    • Nano - 89mm (3.5")
    • Mini - 124mm (4.9")
    • Small - 164mm (6.5")
    • Medium - 199mm (7.8")
    • Large - 294mm (11.6")
      • Large is NOT recommended for use with Series-20, Series-55 or other vehicle installation. For non-vehicle applications only.
  • Bases, mounts and other required components sold separately. In images for example only. Do not forget to add them to your cart!
  • The matte black twill carbon fiber tube used in the construction of these carbon fiber arms is manufactured in small batches. Some minor variation in the black twill should be expected between batches.
  • The matte colored (not black twill) are carbon fiber tubes wrapped in a layer of fiberglass before final surface finish is applied.
  • Matte black twill and nano size arms will be in a single box. All others will come as two boxes of arm 'core' and 'clamps'.
  • Lifetime Warranty on all carbon fiber arms for the original purchaser.

Made in the USA Information

Build Information

Materials: USA (75%), Asia (22%), Europe (3%)
US Manufacturing Processes:   Tooling, Die-Casting, Injection Molding, Heat Staking Powder Coating, Anodizing, Assembly & Packaging, QA.
Place of Manufacture: Dallas, Texas, USA

Single Source Provider & Company Ethos

Designed by:                  67 Designs
R&D by:                          67 Designs
Manufactured by:          67 Designs
Sold by:                          67 Designs
Fulfilled by:                    67 Designs
Customer Service by:   67 Designs

Our products are proudly designed, made and supported by 67 Designs staff.  The research, development and ongoing refinement of every product is done in Dallas, Texas. It is by listening and working directly with our customers that our business continues to evolve and go from strength to strength. We are passionate about working with our fellow Americans that understand the importance of developing US manufacturing skills and capabilities as well as our mission to truly strengthen our industrial base.

Made in America

67 Designs is the only bona fide US manufacturer of carbon fiber arm mounting systems. We use US tooled components utilizing in-house and select manufacturers to our designs and specifications. Every other company you see online with similar looking arms is importing them 100% made in China (PRC & ROC).