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Carbon Fiber Arms - 20mm and 1" Clamps (Matte)

Carbon Fiber Arms - 20mm and 1" Clamps (Matte)

$ 32.00

Step up to Real Carbon Fiber arms and the best Universal for Phones.

  • Attach to any existing Ram® or other system with 1" ball bases.


  • Provides a carbon fiber arm with a 20mm clamp on one end and a 1" (25.4mm) clamp on the other.
  • The best appearance making the setup look less utilitarian.
  • The perfect upgrade when you already have a 1" ball mount in place and you want to step up the carbon fiber and attach any 20mm ball holder from the 67 Designs' (CF) Carbon Fiber Series.

Product Details

  • (CF) Carbon Fiber matte finish arm is designed to work with the mounts and bases that have a 1" (25.4mm) ball attach points.

    Attach carbon fiber arms to any RAM® or other system 1" ball.