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(CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Jointed Arm
(CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Jointed Arm
(CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Jointed Arm
(CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Jointed Arm

Carbon Fiber Arms - Jointed

$ 56.00

Product Details

  • (CF) Carbon Fiber jointed arm is designed to work either the Cone Base for Jointed Arm 67D-CF-CBM. (Sold separately).
  • The larger 67D-CF-J200 arm will also connect with the Cup Holder Expandable Base 67D-CF-CHB, but we urge caution for device stability as these are substaintial arms and could become unwieldy and less stable for the cup-holder base. (Sold separately).
  • At the top end of each jointed arm you can attach any 20mm ball equipped mount in the (CF) - Carbon Fiber Series.
  • Each jointed arm has two segments which are connected by a lockable pivot with almost a 360 degree angle of rotation. This is perfect for desk mounts and finally getting your iPad or iPhone up at a sensible height so your fellow FaceTime/Skype caller is not looking up at you!
  • These are made of solid carbon fiber and metal hardware.
  • Two lengths available:
  • Small 67D-CF-J100 - 340mm (13.4")
  • Medium 67D-CF-J200 - 540mm (21.3")
  • With this arm you can be very creative and position a device in all sorts of ways - including potentially in unstable ways. We leave it all up to your imagination, but please use common sense and make your final solution stable and safe for you and the people around you at all times!
  • Mounts and other required components sold separately. Do not forget to add them to your cart!