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Ford F-150 / F-250 / F-350 (2015-Present) 2 Ball Base + 2 x Short Carbon Fiber Arms (Pack #13)

Ford F-150 / F-250 / F-350 (2015-Present) 2 Ball Base + 2 x Short Carbon Fiber Arms (Pack #13)

$ 120.00

Allow 10-12 Days for Delivery

Installation is Easy. 

  • Use of custom VHB strips - supplied 
  • Allow 10-30 minutes to install.
  • Some drilling required. Fastener hardware not included.
  • Mounts at 3 points for a sturdy installation. Will require buyer to remove center dash to complete installation before re-installing. 


  • Rapid install of the single arm configuration.
  • US Made Ford F-150, F-250 or F-350 (2015-2018) dash specific - not a generic product.
  • Easy installation of custom fitted base.
  • The most flexibility for positioning of phones, tablet, GPS units or action cameras.
  • Highest quality carbon fiber and cast plastics available.
  • Keeps your phone from the sun better then any other mount for the Jeep® JK

Product Details

  • Pack #10 contains:
    • 1 x 3D printed double ball base with two 20mm metal BL20 balls installed.
    • 2 x Small fixed carbon fibers arm (67D-CF-F70X)
    • 3M Branded VHB strips and base, but customer should use suggested fasteners (not included) and detailed in the instructions.
    • Important: this pack does NOT contain device holders. Be sure to add desired holders to your order. Shown in images for example only.

Series Features

  • Full carbon fiber tubes for strength and beauty.
  • Metal bases and hardware for substantial support.
  • 5 different arms
    • Single -small, medium & large
    • Jointed - small & large
  • 9 different mounts
    • Car cupholder mount
    • Desk/wall mount
    • Large clamp mount
    • Small clamp mount
    • Camera mount
    • Square mount
    • VESA mount for TV and monitors
    • Round mount
    • Case/holder mount

The (CF) - Carbon Fiber Series brings a component based approach to supporting and working with your devices. The core of the (CF) - Carbon Fiber Series range are the carbon fiber fixed or jointed arms that users then attach to bases and mounts. These are real carbon fiber tube components along with metal and heavy duty plastic hardware. The products are very substantial and so they weigh more than you think. In fact, you want that very down low mass to be able to use physics to keep the device firmly held in place as you tap, poke, stroke and otherwise interact with the glass of the device. The mounts allow you to connect camera's, GoPro and Go-Pro-like action cameras. They allow you to connect VESA standardized products like monitors and computers. You can connect the bases directly to walls, desks, tables or anything you wish, or you can add a base so you can move your configuration about the desk, counter-top.