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Pack #7 (from August 2018)
Pack #7 base (from August 2018)

JK Mount Single Ball Base + 1x Small Carbon Fiber Arm (Pack #7)

$ 58.00

Installation is Easy.

  • No drilling. 
  • Use the OEM 7mm fastener that is already in your dash
  • Use the included 3M branded custom VHB materials for installing the base. 
  • Allow 10-20 minutes to install.


  • Rapid install of the single arm configuration.
  • Jeep® 2011-2018 (JK) dash specific - not a generic product.
  • User upgradeable to double ball base with the Pack #7 Upgrade Kit (sold separately) 
  • The most flexibility for positioning of phones, small tablet, GPS units or action cameras.
  • Highest quality carbon fiber and cast plastics available.
  • Keeps your phone from the sun better then any other mount for the Jeep® JK

Product Details

  • Pack #7 (from August 2018) contains:
    • 1 x Base with a SINGLE 20mm metal BL20 ball attached
    • 1 x Small fixed carbon fibers arm (67D-CF-F70X)
    • 1 x 3M VHB Installation Material (pre-installed)
    • Important: this pack does NOT contain device holder. Be sure to add one to your order.

Legal Considerations

  • It is not always possible to use this product or other mounting system depending on Federal, State and Municipality laws. Some States have strict rules on mounting devices that may, depending on poor positioning, impair a driver's ability to see the road. 
  • It is the responsibility of every customer - and not 67 Designs - to know the laws in their local area or in other regions if venturing from home. 
  • Research and know before you purchase any mount from 67 Designs.
  • 67 Designs is not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the hardware.