Customer Spotlight: Mary Krogh

Customer Spotlight: Mary Krogh

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On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the stories of some of our customers, we get to know Mary Krogh. Krogh, who has been on the road for four years, is in the digital media industry doing projects from photography to motion graphics. When she and her husband are not on the road, you can probably find them catching a wave or two.

Proud owner of: “Roxanne” 2019 Toyota Tundra, 4x4 with a Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed (her fourth rig!).



Featured upgrades: MAK’s Toyota is decked out with… (also take a look at the tour & the 67 Designs shoutout—linked below!)

  • Interior 
    • 67 Designs Universal Device Holder 
    • 67 Designs GoPro Mount 
    • 67 Designs Carbon Fiber Arms 
    • Battle Born lithium batteries
    • ICS T Dash Mount 
    • ICS Dash Support Plate 
  • Exterior 
    • Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed
    • Norweld flatbed tray
    • Dobinsons suspension (full)
    • Stealth Fighter front bumper
    • ComeUp Winch
    • Baja Design light bar
    • ARB Safari snorkel
    • Overland Solar panels (320 watts)
    • KAM tires 
    • Evo corse wheels 
    • ARB air locker 

Customer of 67 Designs since: February 2020.



Inspiration for buying Tundra: When her and Owen first decided to get on the road, they had an old Volkswagen that they hoped would take them to good surf spots—a lot of which are down hard roads. Each vehicle that they have bought since that Volkswagen has been more and more equipped for overlanding. The Tundra is the pinnacle so far! & it is available for global travel because of universal part availability. 

First adventure with vehicle: Early 2017. Her and Owen took the van to Baha, Mexico for a surfing trip. It was some of the hardest driving that they had ever done; however, it made them really good drivers. She considers Baha to be one of Earth’s best kept secrets. 



Most recent adventure/COVID-19 adventures: This past fall, she went on a really amazing trip to Death Valley. She got to see the sailing stones, abandoned mines and vacant miner cabins! 

Most memorable adventure: Buckle up—this is a long one, but worth it! Mary and Owen had been overlanding through Newfoundland when they decided to head towards St. John about 7 hours away. Everything that they were trying to do that day was not working and when they went to be “sworn into Newfoundland” (a tradition where you take a shot and kiss a dead cod), Mary got a bad feeling that they could not leave their truck (their home), alone. She was devastated because she was very much looking forward to the swearing in. So, they drove 3 hours back in the same direction and set up camp by the Heart’s Content lighthouse. As they were about to start making dinner, a man pulled up and said to them “you could be anywhere in the world, but you’re here with us.” This man was the mayor of Heart’s Content and gave them the crest of the town, told them to head over to the butcher shop for some complimentary meat and explained where the fresh water springs were. “In a moment of darkness, kindness from a perfect stranger came through” - Mary.



Upcoming trips: COVID-19 interrupted their plans of heading to Alaska this summer, but the two have lots planned for trips to Minnosota, Wyoming, Colorado and Mexico. They do acknowledge that they may need to come off the road this fall. 

Dream trip: Mary and Owen are working on a trip to Australia that is supposed to happen next summer, as long as it is safe to go. Their plan is to go to Japan for a few months, buy a vehicle in Australia and stay for as long as the permit will allow them! 

Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding:  “Roll with what you got;” and “go out and learn by doing with what you have;” (Mary started with 1 wheel drive!). 



#1 place she has camped: A cliff edge overlooking Lake Powell in UT. 

Fun fact about Mary: She travels with a cat, Luna.

Toyota club memberships: No, because she is remote full time.

Notes from the writer: Mary certainly lives the life with Owen, who she met on SCAD’s swim team. She travels the continent, and soon the world, looking to create content and thrilling days. Every single thing that she touches has her entire effort behind it; whether that be her insanely decked out Toyota, her work or even the interview with me. And, there is no doubt that this is what Mary was meant to do. If you ever spoke with her, you would hear the passion in her voice. 



Check out her work here: Mary’s knack for design really comes across in her vehicle, content of her vehicle and her external work—take a look...