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If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
67 Designs for Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Since 2015 clients have been installing 67 Designs’ bases, clamps, carbon fiber arms and device holders on fitness equipment at home or in private gyms. 

Select the components needed to build out your own installation. If you have any questions or looking for inspiration, contact us

  • Universal for Phones G2 - Made in the U.S.A.

    Universal for Phones Device Holder G2

    $ 49.00

    Availability of the Universal for Phones G2 The Universal for Phones G2 is now being rolled out with the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™ Pa...

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  • MagMount G3 Device Holder

    MagMount G3 Device Holder

    $ 45.00

    The MagMount G3™ is offered for individual sale on this page and is available in the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™ Packs. JL / Gladiato...

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  • 67 Designs Universal Tablet Holder
    Sold out

    Universal Tablet Holder

    $ 120.00

    Generation 2 ("G2") After an amazing period of selling the initial Universal Tablet Holder we have now sold out the G1 and we are slowly releasin...

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  • Series 55 Rail System

    Series 55 Rail System

    from $ 12.00

    Check if it fits your vehicle! We have created a template that you can print and cut out to see if the base will fit in your vehicle. Click to ...

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  • Mounting Clamps for 1" ~ 1.5" ~ 1.75" ~ 2" OD Tube

    Mounting Clamps for 3/4" ~ 7/8" ~ 1" ~ 1.5" ~ 1.75" ~ 2" OD Tube

    from $ 37.00

    Benefits Clamps for the most common OD size of tubes used on vehicles today. Rapid installation for bars or tubes with diameter 19.25mm. (3/4")...

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  • Matte Carbon Fiber Arm by 67 Designs

    Arm Builder for 20mm - 20mm Ball Sizes

    from $ 27.00

    Welcome to your Arm Builder™ Use this page to select available arms that have clamps for 20mm balls at each end of the arm. Arm length  Arm f...

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  • (CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Cable Clip

    Cable Clip

    $ 19.00

    Installation is Easy. Press on the carbon fiber arm Press in the Apple cable  Benefits Keep your Apple or power cord neatly on the carbon f...

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  • The Elbow for Connecting 2 Carbon Fiber Arms

    20mm-20mm Elbow Connector™ for Carbon Fiber Arms

    $ 19.00

    Go ahead - Get Creative with the Elbow.  Install each ball of the Elbow Connector™ into the metal connector on the end of the carbon fiber arm. ...

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