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About 67 Designs

67 Designs was started in Dallas in 2012 and launched the Carbon Fiber Series™ a short while later. The mission was simple and the company has organically grown and evolved the products we offer inline with our customer's needs and suggestions.

We have now delivered tens of thousands of systems all across the world. We continue to expand the product portfolio constantly with innovative ways to hold a myriad of devices.

While our product categories have expanded over time, what has not changed are our two very simple values. They are:

  • Focus on the highest quality modern design and delivering very well made products.
  • Focus on very responsive customer service. 

The Real Flag of the United States of America

Please know that 67 Designs is the only US manufacturer of carbon fiber arms mounting systems. All other companies you may see online are importing fully assembled arms directly from China (PRC & ROC). Even alleged carbon/kevlar mixed products are imported knock-offs of 67 Designs' original work. Counterfeit Warning