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67 Designs presents an innovative and sleek collection of phone holders, meticulously engineered to offer robust functionality and aesthetic appeal. This collection is tailored to meet the needs of both Apple and Android users, ensuring universal compatibility. Made in the USA, the craftsmanship emphasizes the use of high-quality materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure durability and performance.

  1. Mechanical Squeeze Style: This holder offers unparalleled grip strength, thanks to its mechanically-engineered squeeze design you can use with one hand. A harmonious blend of aluminum and carbon fiber ensures that your phone stays in place even on the most demanding journeys. The mechanical squeeze grips adapt to the contours of your phone, offering a snug fit without compromising accessibility.

  2. MagMount Style: Designed for those who appreciate the power of magnetism, the MagMount style features dual arrays of six ultra-strong magnets (12 total) that secures your phone in place effortlessly. The user only needs to slip in a thin Steel Plate with Hole inside a case for a seamless and quick attachment or detachment of the device. It’s an elegant solution for people on the go.

  3. MagSafe Charger Holder: Designed for those looking to use Apple's MagSafe Charger driving around the city.

  4. Pro Series Holders: Available in the Mechanical Squeeze style and the MagMount style these units feature a clamp to receive a ball.

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