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An open mindset finds the best solution

It started with a simple, but clear mission When we started 67 Designs we wanted to make mounting any device simpler without it looking purely utilitarian or industrial. We also wanted to design the universal mounting system any consumers could then mix-n-match components from different manufacturers.  It's taken a while, but our clients tell us we are ahead of the pack with our 'vendor agnostic' attitude for anyone to use components with 3/4", 20mm, or 1" ball systems. We believe 20mm is optimal, but why be closed minded?  Here are just a few of the compatible options to consider. Vector Bar Compatibility Travis and the team at Vector OffRoad produce some interesting hardware for Jeeps. The tailgate table is a particular favorite! That said, the Vector Bar in combination...

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The Dam Adapter™ is Now Available

We know that many clients have a collection of device holders from long before they found the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series by 67 Designs. In fact, a common question we get is; "can it hold an existing holder that has a 1 inch (25.4mm) ball attached?". Well that answer today is Yes!. The team at 67 Designs is proud to announce the availability of the new Dam Adapter™ that allows the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series to be fully interchangeable with large 1 inch (25.4mm) ball systems. You can have a 20mm ball on one end of the carbon fiber arms and a 1inch (25.4mm) on the other. This allows better reuse of the various 'kit' you may have around in boxes and...

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Customer Update and Newsletter (Q4/2016)

"It's our clients that make it all worthwhile...." Without a doubt 2016 has been a gratifying year for the team at 67 Designs. Our customers have guided so much of what we do and provided us great energy to strive for higher ground. We have taken some gambles and learned a lot on our journey. There is still much to do and the product pipeline is getting stronger while we have also invested heavily in customer service.    On-demand local manufacturing using 3D printers for plastic and metal is bringing back US manufacturing jobs.  67 Designs has unquestionably proven that on-demand production in the US is here to stay. We see that in the increasing velocity of orders for our drop-in/pull-out 3D printed device holders for Otterbox®,...

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