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If you need help configuring a system please send us a message via the 'Need a hand?' button lower right or call 469-646-8810. (M-F 9-4:30)
If you need help configuring a system please send us a message via the 'Need a hand?' button lower right or call 469-646-8810. (M-F 9-4:30)

Universal Sticky Base Packs

$ 80.00
SKU [P87001] - (1 x N91744)-(1 x F23044)


  • The Carbon Fiber Universal Sticky Base serves as an efficient and cost-effective method for attaching a 67 Designs holder to a number of different surfaces.
  • Works in compact work spaces, eliminating the need for a Carbon Fiber Series® arm.
  • Featuring clamps that securely grip a 20mm metal ball, the base ensures a reliable and compact connection.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Designed to bridge the gap between a traditional suction cup and an Carbon Fiber Series® base that would otherwise require drilling and use of fasteners.
  • Works with any holder in the Carbon Fiber Series® that has a pre-installed 20mm ball. 
  • The US sourced 3M® very high bond ("VHB") material bonds with many different flat surfaces including painted wood, steel, aluminum plastic, fiberglass, cleaned glass etc.
  • Small 'footprint' of just 55mm (2.16").
  • Can be converted to accept a 25.4mm (1”) ball component from an alternative company by purchasing the Dam Adapter clamps (sold separately).

Installation is Easy. 

  • Find the desired flat surface to mount the base.
  • Clean the surface with a material safe de-greaser or approved alcohol cleaner.
  • Peel the liner from the adhesive.
  • Install in the chosen location and allow to setup the optimal bond by waiting ~24 hours.
  • Install the holder clamps, angle to the best position for the device and tighten the clamps.

Your Pack Contains

  • Carbon Fiber "Sticky" Base:
    • 1 x Carbon Fiber Base.
    • 1 x Pro Series™ mount with clamps for a 20mm ball.
    • 1 x 3M® brand adhesive material.
  • Your selection of Holder
    • The Carbon Fiber MagSafe G2 Holder does NOT include the Apple MagSafe Charger. That is sold by Apple.

Important Thing to Know

  • The Carbon Fiber Sticky Base™ is not sold by itself at this time.
  • The Carbon Fiber Sticky Base™ is intended for flat surfaces only. Do not install on curved (concave or convex) surfaces.
  • The 3M® branded Very High Bond ("VHB") material has been selected by and used by 67 Designs for many years in various products on plastics. The material can - with good and patient technique - be removed.
  • The adhesive is very strong. Use caution when installing on non-plastic surfaces. removal from a specific customer material or using extreme and sudden force may result elements of the surface being removed. Use wih caution.
  • Not intended for use with any 3rd party holders or per device weight over 340g (12oz)
  • Patent pending.