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SwitchPro-SP9100 Switch Panel Holder
SwitchPro SP9100 Mount
SwitchPro-SP9100 Switch Panel Holder

SwitchPro-SP9100 Switch Panel Holder

$ 26.00

Product Details

  • First batch just sold out - working on more!
  • This 3D printed nylon device holder fits the SwitchPro SP9100 Switch Panel.
  • Comes complete with the 20mm ball ready to attach to a carbon fiber fixed length arms. (Sold separately)
  • Color: Matte black
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  • Item Number: E33044

About Fasteners and the SwitchPro

According to the SwitchPro team their panel comes with mounting hardware that includes 4 x 6-32 studs and locking nuts. The studs can be installed into the shallow threaded holes at the rear of their panel. The holes in the 67 Designs panel are designed to allow each a 6-32 stud to pass through. Users would then use SwitchPro supplied locking nuts.