CA Proposition 65 Warnings

California introduced legislation commonly referred to as ‘Proposition 65’ pertaining to possible birth defects and other medical conditions that may occur with products we all use in modern life, including from the purchase of the goods used as part of your daily living. 

67 Designs manufactures products that are made of aluminum, carbon fiber and other modern materials. We do so responsibly and with care. We want our customers, our staff and subcontractor’s staff to be safe. We want informed customers. 

If you are in California and are contemplating our products to enhance and support your adventures on the road, on the trails, in the air or on the water, you should read the following website and be familiar with Proposition 65.

Finally, if you are not 100% comfortable with mounting systems that may contain or have been made with materials that may be covered by Proposition 65, we suggest not purchasing a mounting system from any company.