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Design, R&D and Manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Constant innovation and teaching a new generation skills.

Designers and manufacturers of premium electronics mounting systems. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

The bona fide American manufacturer of production and custom phone, tablet, GPS, radio and other electronics mounting solutions featuring aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber and nylon and built for years of service. 

The Carbon Fiber Series® by 67 Designs works with 3/4", 17mm, 20mm - and 1" diameter ball hardware from multiple providers making the most open platform available.

Since 2012 our focus has been on our customer's by designing and making the highest quality device mounting solutions available delivered with old-school customer service.

Warning: TikTok, & US based Counterfeiters

We know you have a choice in phone and iPad mounting systems. We also know many 67 Designs original works have been counterfeited and are available on places like TikTok, and Brand X online store(s). All those similar looking products - even with stylized American Flags to fool you into thinking they are American Made - are being dumped into the US.

We hope you choose 67 Designs and support our mission to drive US manufacturing skills transfer.

Every dollar you spend with 67 Designs directly impacts American workers and the myriad of suppliers we work with around the USA.  

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Testimonials from 11,300+ Reviews

Series 55 Rail Pack

Great design, simple installation. Extra benefit of supporting a great American company that delivers a quality product

Jeff A.

Verfied Buyer


It was everything I hoped for and more. Looks great in my Jeep and handy as a pocket on a shirt.

Joe W.

Verified Buyer

Upgrade for 2024 Jeep JL

Great addition to my 2024 JL, looks great and very functional. Extremely easy to install.

Sam O.

Verfied buyer

Excellent Product

The phone holder is beautiful and works great. It is easy to get my phone in and out and yet it grips so tightly that I can't imagine it ever coming loose for any reason. I am very happy with this purchase.

David D.

Verified Buyer

Very Sturdy Arm

Like the phone holder, I am very impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the Pro Series Arm. I bought the shortest arm and it is solid as a rock. It doesn't move unless I move it. I am very happy with this product.

David D.

Verfied Buyer

The Pro Series Arms™ Changing the Market, Again

7X more useful load than any other carbon fiber arm system on the market. Designed to support connections and the change in axis or point of rotation.

Consumer Colored and Black Arm Cores

Beware of imitations.
Buy the originals.

If you see a copycat style design on another site, it is exactly that. A knock-off or counterfeit.

The Original Articulating Carbon Fiber Arm System

The Carbon Fiber Series® by 67 Designs is the most versatile component based system on the market today. Proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.

For Pilots

An introduction to the Aviation Collection and products used in a Cirrus SR Series aircraft.

Click on the '+' sign to see more about the Kneeboard EFB, the Phone Mount and GoPro® XL.