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Series 55 Trackball

Series 55 Track Ball

$ 19.00

Installation is Easy. 

  • Install in a 67 Designs Series 55 track profile.
  • Use locking plate and fastener. 
  • Slide into desired location and tighten the fastener.
  • Can be removed when not needed.


  • Superior finish and materials
  • Rapid installation in minutes.
  • Pack contains:
    • 1 x BT55 20mm diameter ball base.
    • 1 x 5mm socket fastener.
    • 1 x locking plate nut
  • Important:
    • if intending to use with non-metric T-slotted profile, know that the slot in your track slot must be at least 6.5mm (0.26") wide.
    • This Series 55 track ball will fit in the Series 55 rail.
    • A BT20 track ball designed for the Series 20 rail will NOT fit the Series 55 rail profile.
    • Do not intermix different Series rails and with different series trackballs.
    • This pack does NOT contain arms or device holders. Be sure to add desired items to your order. Shown in images for example only.