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Extra Fasteners for the JL / Gladiator Bases

Extra Fasteners for the JL / Gladiator Bases

$ 2.75

In the words of one customer...

I'm a return customer and already lost a fastener in my vehicle.  Yes I'm a klutz but the base doesn't work so well without installing the fasteners.

Of course we can help, especially as we know sometimes locating metric fasteners is not always possible at the local hardware store.

So here you go, some spare fasteners. 


  • Specialist automotive fasteners
  • Black finish.
  • Philip's head tool required.
  • Two fasteners are included in the pack.

How to get shipping for just $0.75!

  1. Add just one (1) set to your cart.
  2. Do NOT add any more than one set (containing two fasteners!) and nothing else to the cart.
  3. The automated shipping rules for this item will then pickup the product specific shipping of just $0.75.
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