Installation of the SprinterRail™ Base (300mm)

Read the full instructions before starting. Follow these steps to install your Mercedes Benz Sprinter 300mm wide base. Allow 20-40 minutes.

Step 1 - Pull the Dash front bezel/panel from the center dash area

There are very many variants of the dash depending on the specification of your particular Sprinter. Therefore there are several radio heads starting from basic radios to LCD displays. Removal depends on the type of front bezel/plate. Almost all converted Sprinter vans appear to have the LCD panel.

Please consult with your MB Sprinter dealer on your model and how best to remove the front bezel/plate.

Here is an example video of how Chris Shontz of Venture4WD pulled his Sprinter front panel. Perhaps you can use this as your guide if you have the same looking panel, but again, please consult with your MB Sprinter dealer or your Sprinter conversion shop and get their method.


Step 2 - Dry Fit the Base on the Sprinter Dash

We suggest locating the 300mm Sprinter base in the middle of the dash, but it is down to personal preference.

Move the base to determine what is best for you and how you want to use the base and position your device holders.

Look inside the dash and make sure your desired location will allow holes to be drilled without interference with molding ribs and other elements that would prevent the flat washer and nut installation. Take your time and get this right.

Step 3 - Position the metal base, mark the holes.

Do not remove the 3M Very High Bond (VHB) tape just yet

For the next step, you could use 3M painters Blue Tape on the dash to allow you to mark the location of up to 4 visible holes for the supplied fasteners. The choice to use tape or mark the plastic directly is up to you.

Mark the 4 holes. There will be 2 on each side using a Sharpie should be sufficient. If you wish to install the third fastener on each side (under the rail), please contact Customer Service for a hole template. (Optional)

Now remove the base and set that aside for the next stage.

Step 4 - Very Carefully Drill the Holes.

Very carefully and accurately drill the 4 x holes with a small 6.5mm drill bit. If you do not have metric drills, use up to a 0.236" bit. A more common 0.25" bit can be used, but will have a little more play

Option: You may prefer to drill pilot holes with a 2mm or equivalent drill size before using a 6.5mm drill. This can help prevent drill drift and ensure more accurate holes for the fasteners.

As you did in Step 2, be sure to re-evaluate the locations inside the dash housing BEFORE drilling. Make sure you are not going to drill into a rib or part of the interior of the dash that you cannot easily get a nut and washer to sit flat on the plastic. Adjust the hole locations as necessary.

Use a hand drill as the plastic is very easy to penetrate and all that is required is a small and shallow starter hole for the supplied fastener.


Step 5 - Remove the 3M VHB Tape Liner and Position the Base.

Remove the liner of the VHB installed on either side of the base.

Ensure there is no Armor All or other slick dash coating that may not allow the 3M VHB to bond to the plastic directly.

Use two of the fasteners to help you guide the base into position. Avoid repeatedly removing a repositioning the base as this will impact the effectiveness of the 3M VHB material. Best to position just once.

Continue to Step 6. It is important to attach the base with fasteners. 3M VHB assists, but you must attach to the dash with the included hardware  

Step 6 - Install the 6mm Fasteners

Starting with the fastener holes closest to the windshield, carefully install the fasteners. They should progress smoothly through the 6.5mm hole from Step 4.

Inside the dash install a supplied washer and nut on each bolt. Install loosely until all bolts are in and with washer and nuts.

Complete the tightening of all fasteners.

Step 7 - Re-install the front bezel/plate to their original state

Use the reverse procedure to install the front bezel/plate and any vents. Again, if you are unsire, please contact your MB Sprinter dealer or conversion shop.

Step 8 - Attach the carbon fiber arm(s) and holder(s)

The 3M VHB material reaches optimal bonding strength in 24 hours. We strongly recommend that owners wait for 24 hours before adding arms and holders.

Attach the 67 Designs' Carbon Fiber Series® arm(s) and device holder(s) that came with your order. 

Please help us improve:

We want to always improve our products and make the installation or user experience better. Please email customer service and let us know what can be improved. Thank you.

If you have questions about these instructions, please contact Customer Service.


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