Customer Spotlight: Drew Shepherd

Customer Spotlight: Drew Shepherd

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 Brenden and Drew overlanding together.

On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the stories of some of our customers, we get to know Drew Shepherd. Drew, who has been working at Apple for 16+ years, lives in the East Valley of Phoenix. Read on to learn about his dream truck and some of the awesome adventures it has taken him on. 

Proud owner of a: 4x4 Ingot Silver Metallic 2019 Ford Ranger XLT. 

Featured upgrades: Drew’s Ford is decked out with the following features...

  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 2 Kit. 3.5” lift in front, 0” lift in rear
  • Icon Alloys Rebound 17x8.5’ wheels in Titanium 
  • 285/70/17 Falken Wildpeak MT tires
  • Shrockworks Steel Sliders Rock Sliders
  • Shrockworks Winch Mount Bumper 
  • Badlands Apex 12K winch with synthetic rope 
  • 23Zero Breezeway 62 Rooftop Tent
  • EcoFlow R600 Pro Solar Power Station
  • Iceco JP42 12v Fridge

67 Designs Universal for Phones G2 in Ford Ranger


Customer of 67 Designs since

Inspiration for buying his Ford: Drew has grown up around adventure. He loves off roading and camping, especially in his resident state of Arizona. He has built his life in a small part of the state, but loves to see the diversity it has to offer. The Ford was the best outlet for combining his passion for Arizona and exploration. He has also been a fan of Ford for a long time and bought this model right in 2019 when it became available in the US for the first time since 2011.  


Camping with Ford Ranger and Jeep Wrangler

First adventure with vehicle: July 2019. Drew went out with a friend for two nights of camping in Flagstaff. At that point, he had only had it for 2 weeks, but was itching to get it in some dirt. 

Most recent adventure/COVID-19 adventures: May 2020. Drew has a good friend, who also happens to be his neighbor, Brenden, who goes on the majority of trips with him. On one of their recent trips, they went to the Mogollon Rim, which is a 200 mile stretch of land that sits over the city of Payson. Drew describes it as “Grand Canyon-esque.” After driving about 170 miles up in crazy winds, they camped right of the edge of the cliff. 



Most memorable adventure: January 2020. El Camino Del Diablo, which is south of Arizona and has a trail that goes about 100 miles from desert wash/road to crazy rock formations as you go east to west. He then camped under a rock mountain with an incredible sunset.

Upcoming trips: Drew and Brenden want to go out for a week this summer and hit the four corners: Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. 


Ford Ranger overlanding by mountain


Dream trip: Drew’s dream trip is to go from the tip of Alaska to South America with his brother and Brenden.

Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding: This advice is the advice he gives himself “don't get caught up in the stuff you can buy, you don't need it to have an adventure— it's great, it’s cool, it's fun, but it's just stuff.”


Camping in Ford Ranger


#1 place he has camped: The Mogollon Rim. Him and Brenden camped on the rim’s edge which was the perfect place to share a few beers and enjoy the view. 

Fun fact about: Drew brews craft beer at home!

Overland club memberships: N/A


Ford Ranger through the snow.


Notes from the writer: Drew is a “weekend warrior,” someone who can only get out on weekends because of work; but when he does, they are darn good adventures! He’s able to get out with his family and Brenden most often, which is awesome because they both had their daughters 2 days apart! So, their daughters have become like sisters—maybe they will be a power duo wheeling around one day! 

Check out his work here: You can check out Drew’s Instagram and YouTube (plus a 67 Designs install video too!) below: 

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