Customer Spotlight: Eric Trujillo

Customer Spotlight: Eric Trujillo

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On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the story of some of our customers, we get to know Eric Truijilo. Trujillo, from Simi Valley, CA is a News Photographer who enjoys sharing his love for overlanding with others, from inspiring his neighbor across the street to leading 23-rig trips! 

Proud owner of an: anvil gray hardtop 2015 Jeep JKU. 

Featured upgrades: Mostly done by Duval Offroad Designs, Eric’s Jeep is decked out with…

  • Interior 
    • 67 Designs JK Rail System 
    • ARB Fridge 
    • Custom shovel and can holders
    • RAM iPad Mount & microphone holder (with CMM grab handles and mounts) 
    • Element E50 Fire Extinguisher (goes out in 50 seconds!) 
    • Condor pouch, tactical bags and hose 
    • Yaesu HAM radio
  • Exterior
    • aFe POWER Momentum GT Series Cold Air Intake System
    • aFe Stainless steel Performance Exhaust System 
    • Fabtech 3” Suspension System 
    • Fabtech Dirt Logic shocks
    • Steer Smarts Yeti XD Steering components
    • Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP Tires
    • Dick Cepek DC Torque wheels 
    • Custom front & rear steel bumper 
    • WARN 9.5cti Electric 12V Winch 
    • KC HiLites 
    • Gobi Roof Rack 
    • American Expedition Vehicles JK Heat Reduction Hood  
    • Rhino Rack Batwing Awning 
    • Rooftop tent 
    • sPOD 8 switch panel and “the source” system 
    • Synergy Manufacturing Baja Basket 
    • Outback Adventure Trailgater 
    • aFe POWER Front and Rear Differential Covers 

Customer of 67 Designs since: May 2017.



Inspiration for buying Jeep JKU: Simply, “to explore the unknown in more comfort.” From the time he was young, Eric would dirt bike in the same areas as he now offroads—getting a Jeep was just a big upgrade from his dirt bike. Oh, and he is on his 4th! 

First adventure with his vehicle:  When Eric was in his early teens, he went on a camping adventure through Owen’s Valley where he saw rock formations and mines. It was not anything spectacular, but it certainly inspired him to search for more. 

Most recent adventure/COVID-19 adventures: In July, Eric took part in a 23 Jeep adventure through the Cerro Gordo ghost town and the Saline Valley Salt Tram (up and over a 9000ft mountain). The full day trip took a total of 11 hours! Social distancing and face masks were used throughout the trip. 

Most memorable adventure: Three years ago, Eric went to Overland Expo West in Flagstaff. After the expo, he headed to the north rim of the Grand Canyon as previously planned. When he was turning at the Utah border, however, he began talking with two other Jeep owners while refueling his tank. They happened to also be heading to the north rim! Dan, Alex and Eric all decided to head there together and enjoyed a lovely night at the canyon rim surrounded by gorgeous pine. They still keep in contact today! 



Upcoming trips: In a couple of months, Eric is going to the Coyote Flat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He plans on exploring some new trails and staying at one of his favorite sites—up at 9,000ft by an alpine lake. 

Dream trip: His dream trip would start at the tip of Alaska and end at the tip of South America. The inspiration for this trip comes from X Overland. 

Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding: Eric gave some good advice about Jeep additions... 

  1. “Do your research on what vehicle you would want, what you're most happy with.”
  2. “Do research on parts you're going to put on the platform  and make a list (most important first, cosmetic last) — suspension, tires, first aid kit and fire extinguisher come first.” 
  3. “An air compressor and deflators.”
  4. “Form of communication (CB, HAM radio, etc. to communicate with people you travel with).”
  5. “Modes to transport your equipment and food - shelf system, fridge and ice chest.”
  6. “Cosmetics, such as tents.”

#1 place Eric has camped: North rim of the Grand Canyon. 



Fun fact about Eric: At 13 years old, he fell down a 30ft mineshaft with a motorcycle and is still here to tell the story! 

Jeep club memberships: Low Range Jeep Club 

Notes from the writer: From driving his Jeep to driving a news van, Eric is always on the move. He is lucky he lives three hours from Alabama Hills, where Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in CA) and Death Valley (the lowest peak in CA) are within 132 miles of each other. He lives life for joy—he even asked me to ask myself “would you do your job for free?” “If not, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

Check out Eric’s work here: Eric cannot disclose who he works for, but wants to shout out Duval Offroad Designs, who did most of the cosmetic work on his Jeep. 


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