Customer Spotlight: Mike + Genie Hernandez

Customer Spotlight: Mike + Genie Hernandez

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On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the stories of some of our customers, we get to know Mike and Genie Herndandez. The couple, from Goodyear, Arizona, work in behavioral health and as a family nurse practitioner, respectively. With good overlanding just two minutes from them, Mike and Genie enjoy overlanding as a way to spend time with their kids and explore what AZ has to offer! 

Genie is a proud owner of: black hardtop 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0 Turbo. 

Featured upgrades (“more to come!” - Genie): Genie’s Jeep is decked out with…  

  • Interior 
    • Dometic fridge 
    • 67 Designs JL/Gladiator rail  
  • Exterior
    • 35” AT3W Falken tires 
    • AEV 2” suspension
    • KC HiLiTES

Mike is a proud owner of: RESQJT Sting gray hardtop 2020 Jeep Gladiator 

Featured upgrades: Mike’s Jeep is decked out with…  

  • Interior 
    • Fieldcraft Survival seat and visor panel 
    • 67 Designs iPad Mount/Universal holder  
    • Snowmaster fridge/freezer
  • Exterior
    • 38” Falken tires 
    • Off Road Elevation 4.5” suspension
    • GenRight Aluminum bumper
    • ZEON 10-S Winch 
    • Raceline Monster beadlock wheels 
    • Gravity LED Pro6 KC HiLites



Customer of 67 Designs since: July 2018 (they even have 67 Designs in their RV and boat!).

Inspiration for buying their Jeeps: When Mike started his career at 25, he began fostering some of the 15,000 children displaced in Arizona. Their family was beginning to grow when Jeep released the 4-door in 2007 and Mike realized “this is how we wanted to spend quality time.” He also noticed a really strong turn around among the kids he fostered when they were exposed to nature versus technology. For Genie, some of her patients are pretty rural. The Jeep was the best way to access them and be prepared for the family at the same time. 

First adventure with vehicle: The classic Pink Jeep Tour was where the “bug bit” for Genie and Mike. June 2019. Genie’s first solo trip was with her mom in Sedona, AZ through the Broken Arrow Trail. October 2018. Mike’s was a 2-day trip with the whole family through Munds Park, which is right past Flagstaff. It was a 2-day trip which included being slammed by an “awesome” hail storm at 8,000 ft. 



Most recent adventure/COVID-19 adventures: Since their kids stopped going to school in March because of COVID-19, the vehicles became super important in their family life. So, in June they took a full day trip through Wickenburg and Prescott, AZ to Box Canyon, the Hassayampa River and the Yarnal “hot shots.”

Most memorable adventure: Genie’s most memorable adventure was her first trip through the Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona, AZ—“Sedona is beautiful and you see it from a different angle in the canyons and mountains”. For Mike, his most memorable trip took place in December of 2018 when he and one of his foster kids, who is now in the 82nd Airborne, went to the US-Mexico border with The FieldCraft Survival and lived out of the Jeep for the week. They saw some pretty crazy things! DM Mike for more!



Upcoming trips: Mike and Genie are expecting baby #3 (a huge congratulations!), so Genie will not be doing too much overlanding in the near future. Mike, though, has a pretty neat adventure planned—he is going out with KC HiLites for a summer camp dry run. Last year, he taught preparedness camps (a little side business for him!) for KC; however, other companies such as Sony came to do tutorials! 

Dream trip: Genie’s dream trip is to go to Yellowstone and take time to camp and show the kids the beautiful area. Mike’s dream would be to go to Hawaii with their vehicles and “live out Jurassic Park with the family” for a month. 

Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding: 

  • Genie: “Try not to worry about Gucci equipment;” “[you] just have to do a day trip;” “being out in the wilderness with your family is necessary;” 
  • Mike: “[do what you feel] comfortable with;” “hearing [your] Jeep scrape is not the easiest sound, but your Jeep is meant to do it;” “know your limits;” “invest in quality;” and “have first aid kit, fire extinguisher.” 



#1 place they have camped: Genie—Munds Park. Mike is an avid hunter, so, a location in Northern AZ. 

Fun fact about Genie: She was an ER nurse for 8 years so she has a “dark sense of humor.”

Fun fact about Mike: He is a “jack of all trades” (Mike) and “master of none” (Genie). For example, he was a worship leader at Church, plays the piano and can train in firearms. 

Jeep club memberships: “more of a tribe,” but FieldCraft Survival 

Notes from the writer: Mike and Genie are certainly an outdoors couple, but they are also a selfless couple who love to show the outdoors to their children (Sophia and Michael) and their 7 foster children over 12 years. Since both of their careers do not focus too much on the outdoors, overlanding in their free time is a great way to keep their life balanced. When it gets to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, it is nice to feel the breeze coming through the windows of the Jeep! Their dog, Wesson, loves it too! 

Check out their work here: You can take a look at their adventures on Mike’s Instagram and YouTube channel below…


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