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Kyle Campbell

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Kyle Campbell

In the latest feature of 67 Designs’ Customer Spotlight, we explore the captivating journey of Kyle Campbell, a relentless adventurer and entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC, whose life is a testament to the pursuit of discovery. With roots in Nova Scotia, Kyle's quest for adventure propelled him from Banff, Alberta, to the bustling city of Toronto, to where he resides now in Vancouver. From programming at the tender age of 8 to becoming an entrepreneur at 27, Kyle strives to maintain a balance, keeping his professional endeavors and personal hobbies distinct yet equally passionate. While successful in business, Kyle set out to reclaim happiness lost during the pandemic years, building an expedition vehicle named Nightfall to explore the backcountry of British Columbia, rediscover the mental clarity nature provides, and bond with his son, Aiden.

In a region nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains, where snow seldom graces the lower mainland, Kyle has dedicated 45 of 52 weekends a year to go out and venture into the unknown.  Since last April, Kyle has launched  a virtual "rally” and grown a welcoming community of both newcomers and seasoned adventurers to break down the barriers that often make overlanding rally adventures seem exclusive. Kyle continues to pursue the original goal he set out to conquer: reach high ground by nightfall.

Kyle Campbell

Proud owner of: NightFall - a 2023 Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon Ecodiesel

Customer of 67 Designs since: 2023 


  • AluCab Canopy Camper
  • 37” Nitto Trail Grapplers
  • Fuel Zephyr Wheels
  • Falcon 3.5” Adjustible Shocks w/ AEV springs
  • Baja Desifns 50” light bar & front & rear flood lights
  • GP factor Red Arc Manager 30 electronics
  • RedVision w/400w solar & 400ah DCS batteries
  • Icomm 2730 hardware unlocked dual band
  • Trailrax half mount with pelican bx140 cargo case
  • JCR front bumper & rear swing out bumper
  • Warn VR1200 winch & factor 55 recovery gear
  • Metal Cloak front upper and lower control arms
  • Evo reinforced RCV axle and knuckles
  • ARB zero fridge, dickenson propane stove
  • Starlink mounted to AluCab
  • Rubitracks Snowtracks
  • Alcom Stealth 7x14 trailer
  • 67 Designs The Original JL Series 55 Rail™
  • 67 Designs MagMount G3™ Device Holder
  • 67 Designs Pro Series Arms™ - Jointed Arm Packs
  • 67 Designs GoPro® Camera Mounts G2 - Option 2
Kyle Campbell

Early Inspiration: From Boy Scouts to family expeditions to the canoe dock, adventure was always just a bike ride away. It was here, amidst nature's unexplored areas that he learned the value of adventure and the skills that would later define his weekend overlanding rally expeditions. Now, as a father, he passes those lessons on to his son, Adien, teaching him not just how to start fires, but how to ignite a passion for adventure and provide valuable bonding moments that his son will remember for years to come.

Early Adventures: Overlanding rally adventures were not always on Kyle’s radar. With his main interests in snowboarding and mountain biking, it was the allure of remote places that steered him towards this unique adventure. The frustration of crowded camping grounds and the anxiety of having to plan months in advance took away the excitement of camping and inadvertently pushed him to buy his first Jeep in 2013. Eventually, this led him to rediscover that excitement in going to places like the Chilcotins and Moab.

His goal was simple yet profound: to go where others cannot. Through logging and fire service roads, he found not just amazing places but a practical approach to escaping the known. It was no longer  just about being outdoors; it was about building a rig that symbolized freedom and belonging to a community that shared his desire for exploration.

Kyle Campbell

Recent Adventures: Overlanding is very active in the summer months. However, while most retreat to the warmth of their homes, Kyle and his friend Dwayne, another adventurer from @Justjeepingadventures, knew they wanted to push the boundaries of exploration during the heart of winter. Armed with snow tracks that transform his Jeep into a formidable tank-like vehicle, Kyle decided to take a solo trip to tackle the Alpine Bowl on Canada’s coastal mountain that many dare not tread during the colder months.

This endeavor was only made possible by collaborating with local snowmobile clubs and installing Rubitracks right at the trailhead. Unfortunately, on the way back to camp with the Black Tusk’s snow caps setting the background, a snow bridge collapsed, leading Kyle’s Jeep to fall 6 feet into a river. In a race against time and one of the most important principles of not staying out after dark in the winter, Kyle had to act diligently. The recovery was a testament to Kyle and the team’s ingenuity and resilience, utilizing a "dead man's winch" technique to emerge victorious after a four-hour mission. With the sun setting at 4:30 pm, the team made a timely retreat with their spirits high from the day's conquests.

Check out the video of how Kyle and the team managed to get unstuck here

Kyle Campbell

Most Memorable Adventures:

Unforgettable Caribou Chilcotins

Among Kyle's many expeditions, the Caribou Chilcotins emerge as the most memorable as it is a hidden treasure in BC, that he visits around 6 times a year. Merely six hours from Vancouver, this region opens up a world of backcountry access, allowing Kyle and his fellow adventurers to embrace the raw splendor of nature. Driving up mountains and sharing these profound moments with others underscores the essence of true adventure.


Canada's Highest Road

Kyle's adventurous spirit also led him to conquer Canada's highest road, a realm of breathtaking vistas and precipitous edges, merely 12 kilometers off the highway yet ascending to 8700 feet above sea level. There, Kyle experienced an awe-inspiring sunset amidst the clouds, later awakening to a snowstorm in a decision to not merely pass through but to get to high ground by nightfall and spend the night. 

The Highest 4x4 Road in Canada | Sunset Camping @ 8700ft in a 2023 Jeep Gladiator AluCab | Ep 11

Kyle Campbell

Upcoming Trips: Kyle continues to chase new adventures, from regular trips to new areas of the Chilcotin to the untapped expanses of Kootenays. Kyle has yet to go more than 8 hours away from Vancouver but has a trip planned to head south through Washington, meet up with other Rubitracks owners, and stay out in a lodge in the backcountry of Lake Tahoe to put their Rubitracks to the test. He plans to continue to travel as many weekends out of the year as possible!

Dream Trips: For Kyle, Baja and Alaska offer uniquely thrilling experiences, each with its distinct landscapes and challenges that are different from anything he has seen in British Columbia. Alaska, full of vast wilderness, towering mountains, and endless backcountry, is truly a call of isolation and challenges. Similarly, Kyle dreams of exploring Baja on his motorbike. Kyle’s goal is to cover long distances over just three or four days, navigating through some of the most complex terrains imaginable. Baja offers a unique blend of challenges, from its rugged mountains to its remote backcountry, making it a coveted goal for those driven by the thrill of long-distance rally adventures. (Since this interview, Kyle has checked Baja off the list after his 15-day excursion last month.)

Kyle Campbell

Community Involvement: For many, these adventures are about the community and connections forged. Kyle is no different with his life being enriched not just by the landscapes traversed but by the people met along the way.

In British Columbia, Kyle is actively involved in the 4 Wheel Drive Association, which includes roughly 80,000 members who share a common interest in preserving and enjoying recreational sites that offer not just the beauty of camping but also amenities like campfires and outhouses. 

Kyle has built relationships with local shops and Jeep Dealerships like West Coast Off-Roaders and White Rock Dodge from when he built his own rig. Now, both Kyle and these shops play a crucial role in nurturing this sense of community, offering a welcoming space for both seasoned off-roaders and newcomers uncertain about where to begin. Kyle works with the new truck owners through the maze of modifications and navigation to provide a support system that empowers them to embark on their own adventures, even going as far as taking them on their first trip in their new rig to learn the ropes. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic, Kyle saw the importance of  fostering confidence and forging connections with those who share similar interests. Then, Kyle reinvests all earnings from partnerships and social media endeavors into financing new journeys, inviting novices to experience the thrill of adventure, while also dedicating the remaining resources to support men’s mental health initiatives. By venturing out with newcomers and documenting these experiences through their eyes, the enthusiast not only captures the essence of discovery but also contributes to the communal narrative of overlanding and rallying. Aiming to be a different voice in the community, Kyle welcomes all based on their comfort level and encourages new members to embrace the adventure lifestyle.

With no intention of becoming an influencer, Kyle found his tribe through social media, connecting with fellow adventurers on YouTube which led to a private Discord server of 70+ members who live in the British Columbia Area. This platform serves as a virtual campfire around which plans are made, maps are studied, and future trips are envisioned, embodying the proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

Kyle’s journey is a testament to the fact that while the journey might start with a desire to explore, it flourishes through the connections made, lessons learned, and the collective passion for the great outdoors. Social media has played a pivotal role in expanding his overlanding horizons, enabling him to meet new people and discover new places. Through platforms like Instagram, he documents the journey, not just as a personal diary but as a source of inspiration for others. It's a narrative that celebrates the community spirit of overlanding, emphasizing how shared adventures can lead to enduring connections.

Fun Facts: His truck just recently turned a year old on March 28th, 2024, the day of our interview! 

Connect with Kyle: Follow Kyle for more of his adventures and join the community below.

This series was envisioned and created by Kate Della Pietra in the summer of 2020 when she worked for 67 Designs as a marketing intern.