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Ben Carter

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Ben CarterIn this feature of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, we introduce Ben Carter, whose adventurous spirit is as grounded as it is airborne. Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, Ben found his way to Pensacola, Florida, courtesy of his father's Navy career. A geotechnical engineer by profession with Tierra, Inc., Ben's true passion lies in the skies. Shortly after returning to Pensacola from his time in Virginia, he began flight training and earned his private pilot license in August 2022, with ambitions for a twin-engine rating on the horizon. When not engineering or flying, Ben enjoys time fishing and boating with family and friends. Ben's story is a vibrant blend of professional dedication and the pursuit of aerial adventure, embodying the spirit of 67 Designs' adventurous customer community.

Ben Carter

Proud Flier of: Cessna C-172

Customer of 67 Designs Since: 2022

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Flight Hours: 100 hours

Ben Carter

Ben Carter

Ben Carter

Early Inspiration for flying: Drawing inspiration from his great grandfather, a pilot of the F4U Corsair during World War II, and his father, who marked his aviation milestone with the traditional cutting of the shirt tail, Ben's generational destiny seemed written among the stars.

Early on, Ben knew he wanted to fly when he found himself looking skyward, tracing the flight of jets and small planes longing to be in the clouds.

The realization of Ben's dream to fly was not just a milestone but a transformation. The moment he took the controls, the world unfolded before him in a panorama that passenger travelers rarely witness. This 360º view from the cockpit offered more than a view; it provided perspective—a literal and metaphorical elevation above the everyday. For Ben, flying is an exhilarating adventure, a privilege that he cherishes deeply, aware that his seat in the cockpit is a seat of honor few get to experience.

Ben CarterMost Memorable Flight: During one of Ben's final training flights before his examination, he and his instructor encountered an unexpected challenge near Pensacola. A sudden storm appeared from the north, bringing with it a dense wall of rain that approached rapidly, posing a serious threat to their safety.

In this crucial moment, Ben's instructor quickly took control of the situation. With years of experience behind them, they managed to navigate the plane safely back to the runway, landing just seconds before the storm hit with full force.

This incident was a stark reminder for Ben of the unpredictability of flying and the importance of calm and decisive action in the face of danger. It was a valuable lesson in the skills needed to navigate not just the skies but the unforeseen challenges they may present.

Ben CarterLessons Learned: Ben's journey as a pilot has instilled in him the paramount importance of meticulous planning, a lesson that resonates deeply in every aspect of his flying. Whether embarking on a short 50-mile hop or navigating a complex 500-mile voyage, the discipline of preparation is non-negotiable. Careful consideration of weight and balance, crafting alternate routes, weather forecasting, understanding runway information (rims), and fuel management are all critical components that ensure safety and efficiency.

Ben Carter

Ben CarterFlights Traveled: Recently, Ben marked a significant milestone in his flying journey by taking his father on a flight to Dauphin Island, Alabama. This flight was particularly poignant because it was the first time his father had flown in nearly 40 years, having given up flying after Ben and his brother were born. Their trip to Dauphin Island represented a heartfelt reunion with aviation for his father, and a shared adventure that bridged generations.

Upon their arrival on the airstrip surrounded by nothing but the sea, Ben and his father experienced the unique tranquility of the island. The day was filled with exploration and the simple joy of spending time together in a place that seemed untouched by time. This flight was not just a passage through the skies but a meaningful journey that deepened the bond between father and son, celebrating their family's enduring connection to flying.

Ben Carter

Dream Trips: Ben's ultimate aspiration is to conquer the skies of Alaska, a region famed for having the highest density of pilots per capita and presenting some of the most formidable flying conditions anywhere—low visibility, unpredictable weather, and challenging terrain. Despite these hurdles, Ben is undeterred, actively pursuing his instrument rating as a crucial step towards achieving his dream. This commitment reflects his determination to navigate the complexities of Alaskan aviation, where every flight demands precision, adaptability, and an unyielding passion for the skies

Expert Tips: Ben emphasizes the importance of mastering maneuvers and the various types of landings in flying. His advice underscores that while perfection is an admirable goal, the priority should always be safety. He advocates for pilots to commit themselves to performing every maneuver and landing with competence, safety, and proficiency.

Ben Carter

Other Fun Facts: Despite the rarity of pilots seeking the thrill of skydiving, Ben breaks the mold with his passion for adventure and adrenaline. Not only has he experienced the rush of skydiving, but he also owns a motorcycle. Ben's adventurous spirit transcends the cockpit, embracing the exhilaration of both the skies above and the roads below, living a life fueled by the pursuit of excitement.

Ben CarterFor more on Ben’s adventure, connect with Ben on facebook or instagram at Ben Carter or @ben_jamminnn

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This series was envisioned and created by Kate Della Pietra in the summer of 2020 when she worked for 67 Designs as a marketing intern.