Happy 4th July 2023

Happy 4th July 2023

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A very happy 4th of July 2023 to all our cherished customers and those potentially joining our community soon! If you kicked off the day honoring our wonderful nation and envisioning all its promising possibilities, then this cheerful article is definitely for you!

At our local 4th July Parade it was amazing to see some spectacular American made vehicles including several new Jeeps and Broncos with products from 67 Designs. It was heartwarming to see these American made vehicles, yet it got me thinking about the accessories and upgrades that customize them.

One Jeep owner, spotting the 67 Designs hat I was wearing, initiated an engaging conversation during a little parade slowdown. As it turns out, he is a devoted 67 Designs customer who previously purchased a similar-looking holder, thinking the stylized flag implied it was American-made.

This incident, just another in a series of reported deceptions of trusting veterans and patriots like him who have been misled, highlights the question – how do we discern what truly is and isn't made in America?

Today we share a discussion with Jerry L’Ecluyer, owner of Tembo Tusk; Brian Fulton, CEO of Goose Gear and Frank Ledwell or OutdoorX4 as we talk about something that goes to the heart of American values and drives many in the business community - creating manufacturing jobs and teaching skills in our communities.

The Challenge Facing American Manufacturers: A Roundtable Discussion

The Challenge Facing American Manufacturers: A Roundtable Discussion. The SignOut Podcast

We know that education is the key to changing the public’s perception that cheap Chinese knock-offs of American products have no impact on the American economy and good people in our communities. It does. The pirates crush good American blue collar jobs.

Brian, Jerry and the team at 67 Designs are committed to reversing five decades of [not so] scholarly thinking that we can be the world's best innovators and have the strongest economy in the world without working age population that can actually produce the goods of tomorrow is absurd.

Thank you for reading and we hope you get chance to enjoy the Podcast.

Celebrating 4th July 2023

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