Tundra 2022+ Bases & Packs

Tundra 2022+ Bases & Packs

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A Cantilever Base that Leaves Tundra Drivers with a Dash Tray

Toyota's latest Tundra has provided mounting systems companies a way to design a more efficient base and still leave the owner a usable forward dash for hat storage, placing knickknacks or whatever a driver wants.



The Efficiency of the Series 55™ Rail System

The TundraRail™ is discretely positioned just behind the large Tundra center screen. This leaves a clean and low profile mounting point for many devices. This design allows the user full access to the mid-section air vents for optimal cooling and airflow.

No other system or mounting point for a Tundra is as efficient as the Series 55™ rail for getting devices mounted, repositioned and adjusted. Great for mounting many different types of device holders, including a Magnetic Mic®

Many devices

More Balls (Mounting Points)

Pardon the expression, but it's true. The TundraRail™ offers more mounting points than any alternative base.

More Balls

Full Access to the OEM Power Socket

We designed this base for maximum usability of the forward dash tray and full use of the Toyota power port. The 12v power port door opens 180 degrees.

1/8" U.S.A. Aluminum for Enterprise and Expedition Strength

This base was designed for strength and durability for Enterprise clients and those needing the strongest and most dependable platform. Designed and made here in the U.S.A from domestic sourced aluminum this allows customers to use Nano arms or the awesome Series 55™ Pro Clamps.

The Only Single Source American Made Offering on the Market

67 Designs is the only provider of a Tundra base, arms and device holders that are actually designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. The products are made and supported by a company committed to a strong and vibrant manufacturing base.

Single Source


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