The Original Series 55™ Rail System

The Original Series 55™ Rail System

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An entire family of bases made from US aluminum that is extruded, machined, hand-grained and anodized by your fellow Americans.


Welcome to the world of the Series 55™ system, your go-to solution for an innovative, track-based mounting experience. Born from the idea that flexibility and versatility should be at the heart of mounting systems, Series 55™ has been meticulously crafted to fit perfectly into both your personal and professional life.

Unlike the traditional notched or plastic rails for flat surfaces we may have seen in the past, the Series 55™ system takes a giant leap forward, allowing you to secure devices onto almost any surface — be it flat or curved. Thanks to this patented platform, the possibilities are endless.

For those who like to keep their gadgets and accessories organized without sacrificing space, Series 55™ is a dream come true. It's compact, so it fits just about anywhere, making it ideal for consumers and enterprises alike looking for a sleek, space-saving solution. With options ranging from our 50mm Universal Rail to our 840mm Full Length BroncoRail™, with dozens of both universal and preconfigured rail solutions, as well as our ability to custom cut and machine to an enterprise's specific needs.

And the fun doesn't stop there; the system is designed to evolve with your needs. Whether it's patented anti-rotation trackballs, Pro Series™ clamps, or any other accessory you can think of, Series 55™ makes adding and swapping components a breeze.

Embrace the future of mounting with Series 55™, where innovation meets convenience, and your mounting possibilities are limitless. Whether you're setting up a vehicle, boat, experimental aircraft or an industrial workspace, Series 55™ is your partner in customization. Discover the joy of creating a space that's uniquely yours, effortlessly and efficiently.

More than just pretty trackballs. The Pro Series™ clamps enable arms-less connection or the chance to use the Ball2Ball™ arms.

The smallest footprint rail system on the market with either 20mm Trackballs or Pro Series™ Clamps for 20mm and 1" Balls.


Make Your Life Easier - Upgrade Any 3rd Party Generic Slotted Base

Upgrade your setup with the Series 55™ Rails from 67 Designs, evolving the way you expand and install systems on existing thin metal slotted grid bases traditionally equipped with an AMPS plate. Here's why the Series 55™ Rails are a game-changer:

Effortless Installation: Secure the Series 55™ rail to your current grid with 2-5 fasteners depending on the length of rail. It's a one-time setup that offers a lasting upgrade.

Simplified Expansion: Forget about dismantling your grid base to add more devices. With Series 55™, you can incorporate additional mounting points effortlessly, slashing the number of fasteners needed by 90% for setups involving three devices.

Versatile Compatibility: Slide on 20mm trackballs or Pro Series™ clamps anywhere along the rail with a single fastener, offering unmatched flexibility.

Unrestricted Placement: The Series 55™ rails eliminate the limitations of preset grooves found in other rail systems, including Picatinny rails, granting you complete freedom in device positioning.

Rapid Adjustments: The fastest system for adding or removing trackballs, clamps, arms, and devices on the market, making changes quick and hassle-free.

Embrace the future of mounting systems with the Series 55™ Rails and transform how you install your devices with unparalleled ease and flexibility.

At the Heart of 67 Designs Bases & Packs since 2017

First introduced with the TacoRail™ and in sizes from 50mm (1.97") to 840mm (33.1") rails have been a hit. Since then, almost every vehicle base contains a Series 55™ rail of some length. The vehicle packs include:

Jeep® packs (TJ/JK/JL/Gladiator/4xe...)

Toyota® packs (Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner...)

Ford® packs (F-150 through F-650...)

Sprinter® packs (VS...)

Ram® packs (1500 through 5500/TRX...)

Custom implementations for utility companies, transport and static locations at various Enterprises.

67 Designs' Aluminum Extrusion Comes from US Plants = US Jobs!

This is a picture of workers at the Texas extrusion plant managing the 67 Designs profile runs. In the back you can see the huge ram that pushes the ingot through the die.


No other company in the market sources like 67 Designs. Our competitors use overseas manufacturers of finished goods and have business models focused on driving skilled US jobs overseas!

Need Help?

If you have any Series 55™ or device mounting questions or need assistance with Consumer or Enterprise mounting configurations, please email our team at anytime or call us at (469) 646-8810 (9:00-4:30 CST M-F)