The Pro Series Arms™

The Pro Series Arms™

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Understanding the Past Drives the Future

In 2018 we embarked on a journey to address the unique needs of Enterprise clients, fleet management teams, agencies, and professional adventurers. A significant portion of our early analysis and design work focused on managing higher dynamic loading and changes in the axis of rotation when creating 'joints' in an arm.

While this isn't much of a concern for a single phone, larger electronic devices and systems require a radically different approach to handle far greater dynamic loads.

The introduction of our US tooled and US die-cast Generation 2 ("Gen 2") arm clamps in 2020 was a crucial stepping stone. Our investment in US tooling paved the way for the launch of the Pro Series Arms™, along with the new Pro Series Bases™ and Pro Series Holders™, delivering higher performance solutions for all your mounting needs.

Introducing the Pro Series Arms™ - Jointed Packs

Pro Series Arms - Jointed Pack

Introducing the Pro Series Jointed Arm Packs, a versatile solution for mounting your phone, tablet, or other devices with ease and style. These packs feature a combination of a Arm + Elbow + Nano Arm + Holder (optional), allowing you to connect your device to a 20mm ball (sold separately) for optimal positioning.

Pro Series Arms - Jointed Pack

Designed to lower your device below the dash, the Jointed Arm Packs ensure optimal airflow for device cooling and maintaining a comfortable environment for the vehicle's occupants. Compatible with 67 Designs' matte black Gen 2 carbon fiber arms, these packs boast a consistent aesthetic, while the anti-rotation features provide a secure and reliable setup for your devices.

Pro Series Arms - Jointed Pack

While it's important to note that these packs do not include a base, trackball, or rail, the Pro Series Jointed Arm Packs still deliver several advantages and benefits that make them the ideal choice for various users. From enterprises to fleet operators, and adventure explorers, 67 Designs continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions like the Pro Series Arms™.

Pro Series Arms - Jointed Pack

Choose the Pro Series Jointed Arm Packs for a seamless and functional device-mounting experience.

Also available are options for the TacoRail® and BroncoRail™ bases.

Release of Pro Series Bases™ is underway.

Earlier we quietly released several new Pro Series Bases™ for clients to install 20mm and 1" device holders using AMPS, Diamond Plate Alternative and X-Plate bases. Check them out by clicking on the images below to see the listings.  

Pro Series Bases

Pro Series Bases™ - for AMPS, Diamond Plate Alternative and X-Plate and available for 20mm and 25.4mm (1") diameter balls.

Pro Series Bases

Pro Series Bases™ - The AMPS Plate Alternative shown on a Series 55™ Rail

Pro Series Bases

Pro Series Bases™ - The Diamond Plate Alternative shown on a Series 55™ Rail.



In the Coming Months

Without doubt 2023 may be our busiest year for new product introductions since we started the company in 2012. We look forward to rolling out the various products and welcome feedback.


Closing Warning - Counterfeits Continue to be Dumped into the U.S.A. Infringing 67 Designs' Intellectual Property.

It is disheartening to see numerous innovative American manufacturers, such as 67 Designs, grappling with the pervasive issue of US based counterfeiters who use non-American sweatshops and who knowingly infringe on patent and trademark intellectual property rights issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The influx of substandard knock-offs is increasing, inundating online marketplaces like Amazon and direct-to-consumer platforms.

Below is an example of one such knock-off a trademarked 67 Designs component except the infringing set of components was so badly manufactured. The anodized part shown turned from black to various shades of brown inside a Jeep JLU weeks after being purchased on


Failed Counterfeit Knock-off

 Failed Holder with Infringing Component


Manufacturing products is difficult and expensive to do properly. Many companies opt to import poorly manufactured whole 'packs' made of various components (bases, holders, arms, etc.) from countries like China, Vietnam etc and even have those complete packages shipped by 3rd parties. Those importers are not true engineers or manufacturers. This can lead to none or very limited quality assurance - and a lack of understanding of the manufacturing processes. While product failures can happen even with the best quality processes in the US, the images above showcase issues in the supply chain that likely aim to dump products. The US Department of State cautions consumers and businesses about supply chain issues and ongoing challenges with cheaply made imports, maybe produced by slave labor in Xinjiang, China. 

[Ed: this counterfeit warning is not an anti-China or anti-any country stance. 67 Designs also has to source a few lowest-level components from Asian vendors and we have been very clear about that. However, the problem comes with poor quality finished consumer packs containing infringing components and marks and when the importer fails to ever declare Country of Origin = China on it's Amazon or own store. Consumers only find that out after they parted with their hard earned $$$s]