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If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.

Ford Bronco Collection

This a a collection of bases, packs and components that Ford Bronco owners can purchase to build up from a BroncoRail™ by 67 Designs (also referred to as the BroncoBar™) for multiple device or for a single point mounting of a MagMount G3 or GoPro®.

The  BroncoRail™ is available in 2 sizes. The “Full” size is almost the full width of the dash area and the “Half” is almost 12” wide and sits in the middle of the dash. 

The entire 67 Designs portfolio is available to you so look beyond these curated components in order to mount phones, tablets, GPS units, electrical controllers and more.

  • BroncoBall™ by 67 Designs


    $ 15.00

    Product Details The BroncoBall™ allows you to attach a 20mm metal ball to the single 1/4"-20 "Accessory Ready" thread at the center of the Bronco...

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  • Half BroncoRail™ Packs

    from $ 125.00

    The Half BroncoRail™ Packs The BroncoRail™ Packs are offered by 67 Designs with the "Half" BroncoRail™ . If you are looking for the "Full" width B...

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  • Ford® Bronco Single Device Packs (2021-Present)

    from $ 50.00

    A Bronco Single Device Pack™ by 67 Designs is a quick way to add a single device to the Bronco "Accessory Ready" 1/4'-20 thread at the center of t...

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  • Ford® BroncoRail™ Base & Trackball Packs (2021-Present)

    from $ 69.00

    2 Sizes of BroncoRail™ by 67 Designs. "Full" - full width "Half" - 11" Installation.  Allow 15-20 minutes to install. Some drilling required. F...

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  • Universal for Phones G2 - Made in the U.S.A.

    Universal for Phones Device Holder G2

    $ 49.00

    Availability of the Universal for Phones G2 The Universal for Phones G2 is now being rolled out with the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™...

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  • MagMount G3 Device Holder

    MagMount G3 Device Holder

    $ 45.00

    The MagMount G3™ is offered for individual sale on this page and is available in the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™ Packs. JL / Gladiato...

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  • Matte Carbon Fiber Arm by 67 Designs

    Arm Builder for 20mm - 20mm Ball Sizes

    from $ 27.00

    Welcome to your Arm Builder™ Use this page to select available arms that have clamps for 20mm balls at each end of the arm. Arm length  Arm f...

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  • The Elbow for Connecting 2 Carbon Fiber Arms

    20mm-20mm Elbow Connector™ for Carbon Fiber Arms

    $ 19.00

    Go ahead - Get Creative with the Elbow.  Install each ball of the Elbow Connector™ into the metal connector on the end of the carbon fiber arm. ...

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  • Series 55 Trackball

    Series 55 Track Ball

    $ 19.00

    Installation is Easy.  Install in a 67 Designs Series 55 track profile. Use locking plate and fastener.  Slide into desired location and tighten...

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  • Holder for GoPro

    GoPro® Camera Mounts G2

    $ 35.00

    A Few Options and one Simple Solution 67 Designs' offers two different options of the GoPro® compatible mount. Please select carefully after rea...

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  • Camera Mount - G2

    Camera Mount

    from $ 19.00

    Are you looking just to attach a GoPro® camera? If you are needing to connect to a GoPro™ with the 3-fin connection, check out the new GoPro® Cam...

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  • MagMount G3 Large and Small Black Steel Plates

    MagMount G3 Large and Small Black Steel Plates

    $ 15.00

    Benefits Allows a MagMount G3 customer to: Attach the large plate to a mini tablet for use at a desktop. Attach small "eyebrow" plates outside ...

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  • 67 Designs Universal Tablet Holder
    Sold out

    Universal Tablet Holder

    $ 120.00

    Generation 2 ("G2") After an amazing period of selling the initial Universal Tablet Holder we have now sold out the G1 and we are slowly releasin...

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  • BrocoRail™ - T-Shirt #2206

    BrocoRail™ - T-Shirt #2206

    $ 19.00

    PRODUCT DETAILS Simple logo design as shown in the pictures. Available in 4 sizes (while supplies last). 60% Cotton / 40% Poly Blend Black Un...

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