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If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.

JL / Gladiator Rail System

The patented JL / Gladiator Series 55 Rail System has many benefits. They include
  • Unlimited configurations for all your device management start with this simple and effective rail system.
  • The lowest possible mounting point in a JL / Gladiator for maximum forward visibility.
  • The largest collection of trackballs, connectors, carbon fiber arms and device holders available for Jeep owners from the company that pioneered engineered mounts for Jeeps.
Review the options below and if you are looking for more device holder options, click on this link: Device Holders
Are you an owner of the original JL / Gladiator Series 20 Rail and looking for the correct Series 20mm trackball for your rail? No problem, the trackballs are known as the 'BT20' and they can be found HERE. Remember, all the same arms and device holders work on the Series 20 and Series 55 trackballs!
  • 67 Designs JL / Gladiator Mount

    Jeep® JL Rail Mount / Gladiator Series 55 Rail Mount - Pack Options

    from $ 143.00

    Often imitated, never equaled.™ Mix it Up - Configure what you need! We strongly encourage you to start from these base 'packs' and then mix-n-matc...

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  • Jeep® JL Rail Mount / Gladiator Series 55 Rail Mount - Dual + GoPro Pack

    from $ 280.00

    If we are Sold Out of the packs, consider starting your mounting system by buying the base and then add what you want with trackballs, arms and...

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  • JL /Gladiator Rail™ by 67 Designs

    Jeep® JL Rail Mount / Gladiator Series 55 Rail Mount Base

    from $ 59.00

    The Original - often imitated, never equaled.™  Easy Installation Fits the JL and Gladiator Use the included US sourced and custom cut 3M br...

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  • Series 55 Trackball

    Series 55 Track Ball

    $ 19.00

    Installation is Easy.  Install in a 67 Designs Series 55 track profile. Use locking plate and fastener.  Slide into desired location and tighten...

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  • Universal for Phones G2 - Made in the U.S.A.

    Universal for Phones Device Holder G2

    $ 49.00

    Availability of the Universal for Phones G2 The Universal for Phones G2 is now being rolled out with the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™...

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  • MagMount G3 Device Holder

    MagMount G3 Device Holder

    $ 45.00

    The MagMount G3™ is offered for individual sale on this page and is available in the following packs: JL / Gladiator Rail™ Packs. JL / Gladiato...

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  • Holder for GoPro

    GoPro® Camera Mounts G2

    $ 35.00

    A Few Options and one Simple Solution 67 Designs' offers two different options of the GoPro® compatible mount. Please select carefully after rea...

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  • Matte Carbon Fiber Arm by 67 Designs

    Arm Builder for 20mm - 20mm Ball Sizes

    from $ 27.00

    Welcome to your Arm Builder™ Use this page to select available arms that have clamps for 20mm balls at each end of the arm. Arm length  Arm f...

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  • Camera Mount - G2

    Camera Mount

    from $ 19.00

    Are you looking just to attach a GoPro® camera? If you are needing to connect to a GoPro™ with the 3-fin connection, check out the new GoPro® Cam...

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  • Rear Passenger Pack

    Rear Passenger Pack

    $ 105.00

    Installation is Easy. Attach to a suitable and stable component to the side and clear of the front passenger or driver's seat. Allow 5-10 minu...

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  • (CF) Carbon Fiber Series - Cable Clip

    Cable Clip

    $ 19.00

    Installation is Easy. Press on the carbon fiber arm Press in the Apple cable  Benefits Keep your Apple or power cord neatly on the carbon f...

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  • Suction Cup Base G2

    Suction Cup Base

    $ 59.00

    Product Details - G2 A totally new design of a lightweight pump-action suction cup for the Carbon Fiber Series™. Carbon Fiber Series™ - Suction Cu...

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