Counterfeit Warning and the Social Impact of Not Fighting for American Jobs

As the #1 innovator and only US manufacturer of carbon fiber device mounting systems, we are well aware that counterfeiters are selling their knock-off products through Amazon® and their own sites without attempting to license USPTO issued trademarks (including trade dress), patents or copyrighted works.

Fighting US-Based and Overseas Serial Counterfeiters

Our company continuously strives to protect US innovation and support as many US manufacturing jobs as we can. Please join us in our mission by looking for and buying goods from companies truly committed to US design through to finished goods production.

Baumol’s Cost Disease

This one chart shows why American workers feel that the American Dream is no longer attainable. The education of our children from pre-K onwards comes at massive cost, while healthcare costs are unchecked in the stratosphere. It’s unsustainable as a nation.

It Starts with You, the Consumer.

The simply fact is US manufactured products costs more. However, every deliberate act of seeking U.S.A. made goods strengthens our nation and our communities. Your purchase of a single U.S.A. made product has a 7x network effect on jobs here at home. 

Calling Investors (Big and Small) to Invest Locally

The antidote to a weakened industrial base is for Americans with even modest capital and true patriotism in their veins is to create local manufacturing jobs.

We have to re-shore production as much as able to create jobs with living wages, healthcare benefits and a sense of duty of care - or as a nation we will not lead the world and instead cede power to autocrats and single party dictatorships.