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Is the item you want already sold out? Please know we update our inventory levels every Sunday at 6PM CST
Is the item you want sold out? Please know we update our inventory levels every Sunday at 6PM CST

Jeep® JK Mount with MagMount G3

$ 95.00

Installation is Easy.

  • No drilling. 
  • Use the OEM 7mm fastener that is already in your dash
  • Use the included 3M branded custom VHB materials for installing the base. 
  • Allow 10-20 minutes to install.


  • All the components needed for an iOS or Android Phone using the MagMount G3
  • Easy installation of custom fitted JK Mount™ base.
  • User upgradeable to double ball base with the Pack #7 Upgrade Kit (for bases supplied after August 2018. Kit sold separately) 
  • The most flexibility for positioning a phone, tablet or action camera.
  • Highest quality carbon fiber available.
  • Keeps your device away from the sun better then any other mount for the Jeep® JK.
  • Includes genuine 3M brand very high bond (VHB) materials made and cut to our specifications right here in the USA.

Product Details

  • Pack contains:
    • 1 x Base with a Single 'BL20' 20mm dia. ball attached.
    • 1 x Small fixed arm. Choice of Polished or Matte finish.
    • 1 x MagMount G3 phone mount.
    • 1 x Black steel plate with PSA attached
  • See important notice below for details about magnets and devices.
  • The selected USA sourced 3M PSA adhesive is strong, but due to the amazing properties of silicone these plates used with the MagMount are not recommended for any silicone case from Apple or 3rd party case manufacturers.
  • Not recommended for off-road and trail driving. For a total trail-ready device holding on the road AND the trail, get the pack with the metal universal holder, or simply purchase a separate metal universal holder here


Legal Considerations

  • It is not always possible to use this product or other mounting system depending on Federal, State and Municipality laws. Some States have strict rules on mounting devices that may, depending on poor positioning, impair a driver's ability to see the road. 
  • It is the responsibility of every customer - and not 67 Designs - to know the laws in their local area or in other regions if venturing from home. 
  • Research and know before you purchase any mount from 67 Designs.
  • 67 Designs is not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the hardware.

      Important Notice: This magmount contains a permanent magnet. It is highly recommended you do not use this magmount with a 3rd party device case that incorporates a place to store credit cards or other cards sensitive to magnets. Apple and other devices almost always contain sensors that can be sensitive to magnets. An example is the magnetic compass sensor. This 67 Designs magmount has been tested in real-world conditions for many months with Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus products in official Apple cases with the stainless steel plate attached to the back of the case. No interference with the operation or use of the devices was observed. The Maps navigation app on the phone worked just as well with this magmount as when the device was attached to the vehicle without a magmount. If you have any concerns about any potential damage to your device DO NOT order this product. If you have previously purchased this product and you observe any issues of any kind, immediately stop using this product and report - with details - the situation to 67 Designs Customer Service.