Beware of Non-Apple MFI "MagSafe" Chargers

Beware of Non-Apple MFI "MagSafe" Chargers

67 Designs Team |

Interior Car Fire

Apple moved the market with the MagSafe charger.

Apple has the power to shift the entire market with the way cables and connector work with our devices. There is no bigger example right now than the circular induction Apple MagSafe Charger.

However, Beware of Potentially Dangerous Wireless Chargers

Many customers have been asking us to bring out a 67 Designs branded "MagSafe" wireless charger. 

The answer is that we looked in great detail at the Qi wireless chargers since before Apple launched their Apple MagSafe Charger with the iPhone 12.

We have talked with many companies based in the U.S.A. and in Asia. We spent time evaluating the various options and learned there are real and significant risks to our customers with buying in a "white label" option.

We learned that many allegedly certified or compatible MagSafe chargers have potentially serious design defects. They are:

  • The serious risk of damage to a client's Apple or Android phone leading to a voided warranty.

  • The potential to cause a phone to overheat and cause a fire.

  • Vehicle battery drain. Only Apple confirmed that their MagSafe Charger contains circuitry that prevents vehicle battery drain.

Our Cautionary Tale with CE, UL and FCC Certifications

Although there are some "Made in USA" wireless chargers being marketed, in every evaluation we learned the coil and control system were all made in Asia before being over molded or assembled locally.

We wanted a 100% American provider to manufacture a 67 Designs wireless charger and simply could not find one.

In every discussion with potential vendors we asked about required CE, UL and FCC Certificates. Many vendors claimed to have the certificates, but closer examination highlighted that a legitimate certification pack was more rare than hens teeth.

This is how our final discussion with an overseas vendor went down.

Potential Vendor: ’we do not have the certifications after all.’

67 Designs: ‘So what will it take to get that completed and how much will it cost in terms of money and time?’

Potential Vendor: ‘$2,000. It will take 20 days max. For every certification and logo - even Apple compatible logo. Anything you want to say, we'll get it and mark it on your product. Pay more. Go quicker.’

Suffice it to say that we terminated the discussions and decided to only recommend Apple wireless chargers*.

Certificates Matter - Life and Limb Matters More.

Cheaply made and extremely ubiquitous "white label" wireless chargers sold into the US for as little as $3 each and then marked up to around the $39 to match Apple's pricing levels might be a potential fire hazard in your vehicle and in your home. 

We Recommend Sticking with an Authentic Apple MagSafe Charger

An Apple MagSafe Charger has the electronic smarts to manage power delivery all the way to 15W.

After discussions with Apple staff and industry insiders we have determined that we are only going to recommend to our clients the Apple MagSafe Charger from Apple. Combine an Apple MagSafe Charger with a 67 Designs Carbon Fiber Holder and you have an excellent MagSafe charger that will not void your phone warranty, or worse, potentially cause a fire or drain your battery on a trip.



* In the past members of the 67 Designs team have had good experiences with Pitaka wireless chargers with their carbon fiber cases. We found them to be good and Apple confirmed they are a legitimate Apple MFI certified manufacturer. Another brand we have tested and found useful is from Belkin. Neither Belkin or Pitaka are known to provide "white label" versions to 3rd parties. 67 Designs has no relationship with and do not endorse Pitaka or Belkin.