Installation of the TundraRail™ Base (2022+)

Read the full instructions before starting. Follow these steps to install your TundraRail™ base for the Tundra Truck (2022+) and Sequoia (2023+). Allow 15-30 minutes.

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Step 1 - Dry Fit the Base Location on the TundraRail™ dash in the Vehicle

Remove the OEM rubber dash tray liner and set aside.

Add blue tape to two area of the tray (as shown in images to be posted)

Position the 67 Designs base. The goals is to pull the front of the base with the 3M material to the back of the screen while ensuring the base is flat inside the plastic tray. You want a snuck fit, but without stress at any point. Make sure the front of the base ins level with the screen back all the way along. It will be obvious why and what this means in the vehicle.

Mark two holes for the windshield side of the base that are clearly exposed. Do not mark on a plastic rib so you can get a clean hole every time!

Step 2 - Remove the dash tray from the Vehicle

Use a plastic pry tool and a finger to lift the tray. It will pop easily using the clips and gentle upward pressure - thanks Toyota!


Unplug the power socket.

Take to a bench.

Step 3 - At the bench, drill the first two fastener holes.

Drill 2 x pilot holes.

Drill 2 x 6.5mm holes.

Step 4 - At the bench, drill the final two fastener holes.

Turn tray over and add blue tape on edge furthest from holes.

Use fasteners in the base and the two drill holes and dry fit. No washer and nuts.

Mark the two exposed holes that are now over the blue tape and mark the holes.

Take of the loosely fitting base and set side.

Drill 2 x pilot holes.

Turn the dash tray over.

Drill 2 x 6.5mm holes.

Step 5 - Assemble the base into the tray with the fasteners.

You have now drilled the 4 x holes for the 6mm fasteners. It will be obvious how the base sits in the tray. The long element containing the 300mm Series 55 Rail goes to the opposite side of the power socket!

Attach the bolts, fender washers and nylon nuts. Do not over-tighten and stress the plastic, but ensure the base in secure to the plastic.

Finished base install before installation on the dash

This is the finished base before installation in the truck. Note how much dash tray you still have available.

Step 6 - Take the base/tray assembly to the truck and install.

Take the dash tray and base assembly back to the Tundra.

Carefully reconnect the power socket.

Insert the base using the tabs closest to the windshield and push down the front clips.

Finished install

The finished base with Nano and device holder attached.

Step 7 - Admire your work and get ready to add the trackballs, arms and holders.

That is it to install the base. If you have marked and drilled correctly the 3M material at the front of the base will rest on the back of the screen firmly, but without stress.

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