Reshoring in the U.S.A.

Reshoring in the U.S.A.

67 Designs Team |

As a regular reader of this blog you know that at 67 Designs we are driven by being part of the renaissance of US manufacturing and the reshoring of unskilled, semi-skilled and, of course, skilled jobs.

As part of the unwinding of globalization we must train new workers for jobs across the manufacturing community.

Peter Zeihen who I have written about before offers a new perspective from the Rust Belt on reshoring.

It is ironic that as 67 Designs face ongoing targeting and threats from very unpatriotic business owners, it is great that we have credible voices that speak to the need for investment in plant and people inside the US.

Let us hope that policy makers at the State and Federal level, the Legislature and of course the Judiciary that can reject the thinking of the last 30 years and now swing behind American companies innovating and creating manufacturing jobs here at home. 

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