Yep, Full Transparency on Goods Made in America

Yep, Full Transparency on Goods Made in America

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Looking Back to Keep Moving Forward

In recent weeks our team has had to do a lot of work looking in the rear view mirror on our cost of operations. Of course we know from our ERP manufacturing software our major costs, but there are of course so many below the line costs to still gather.

The data gathering is not easy or quick work and eventually we'll complete the analysis, but we have been forced to re-evaluate everything in the face of knock-offs.

Total Inspiration - Mallory of Youer

Enter Mallory Ottariano, a 32-year-old Montana-based entrepreneur. Mallory is an inspiration with her TikTock explanation of her cost to manufacture clothing in the US.

Read her story "Yep, Full Transparency": This Woman Is Sharing Exactly How Much It Costs Her Brand To Make Clothes In The US, And More People Should Know This.

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As Soon as We are Free to Disclose

We have every intention of breaking open the cost breakdown for classics like our Universal for Phones G2. We want you to get 'a peek inside the tent' to understand why supporting Made in America matters and how the costs add up fast.

We know you have plenty of choice in the market, but when you see eerily similar looking products selling for far less online then know there is a backstory. Almost certainly you are not seeing the extent of appropriated US R&D, product dumping and the real impact of stolen US intellectual property.

You Can Help Stop the Counterfeits

Below is a CNBC video about another company, Forearm Forklift, that has suffered greatly from counterfeit products flooding Amazon and getting a head-start by simply copying products using overseas reverse engineering.

In our experience in 2022 vs 2020 it is clear that Amazon is making some inroads to help trademark owners with its Brand Registry trademark infringement program. We appreciate that progress, but there is a long way to go to stop the counterfeits on Amazon and on direct websites.