Installation of the Ford F-Series Base

Read the full instructions before starting. Follow these steps to install your Ford F-Series Base. Allow 15-20 minutes.

These instructions apply to the following products:

  • Ford® F-Series 2 Ball Base
  • Ford® Base with Series 20 Rail

Step 1 - Prepare to remove the top dash section

This installation requires you to remove the central dash portion from the vehicle. There are many videos on YouTube that can show you how to do this. Look for your specific model and year on YouTube.

We suggest watching this video from the start and just stop at just 40 seconds.

Video by DieselSummit6.6

Now take the tray assembly you have just removed and take the tray to your workbench.

Step 2 - Position the metal base, mark the holes & drill.

It will be obvious that you install the base in the middle of the tray and with the metal base at the deepest point in the tray. This is the 'front' that will be closest to the driver and furthest from the windshield.

For the next step, you could use 3M painters Blue Tape under the base to allow you to mark the location of the 7 holes (or 4 holes for the flat base version) for the fasteners that are supplied with the base. The choice to use tape or mark the plastic directly is up to you.

Mark the 7 holes. There will be 3 on each side plus one 'under' the top of the base in the middle. Using a Sharpie should be sufficient.

Now remove the base and set that aside for the next stage.

Carefully and accurately drill the 7 holes (or 4 holes for the flat base version) with a 5.5mm drill bit. If you do not have metric drills, the closest non-metric size to allow the 5mm fastener to pass through will be a 1/16" drill bit. 

Caution: The plastic is relatively soft. Be prudent and careful in your drilling. It sounds obvious, but do not let the drill bit wander around as you start the penetrate the plastic. Use a wooden block behind the part as you drill and avoid 'winging it'. In short, avoid being over-aggressive - and if you prefer, use a pilot drill.

Step 3 - Dry-fit the base with the fasteners.

Dry fit the Ford F-Series base and check you can get the 5mm fasteners through the base and the holes in the plastic. 

There is no need to use the washers and the nuts right now, so just check you can get the socket cap fasteners situated.

Once you are satisfied your drilling was accurate and all holes line up, remove the base and 7 fasteners.

Step 4 - Install the Base & Tighten the Fasteners

Replicating what you did in Step 3, install the base by lining up the fastener holes with the 7 holes you drilled through the dash component. Push down firmly on the VHB at the same time installing the 5mm fasteners from the 'top' side so the head of the socket fastener contacts the base.

Attach the included split washer and nut on the underside of the dash component. Tighten the nuts and fasteners.  

Double check the base is secure and make sure you have a solid installation and all fasteners  are tight.

Step 5 - Re-install the dash component in your truck

You know what you did to remove the dash component and therefore what you have to do in reverse to install it. If you are not sure, watch the video in Step 1 again. 

Remember, if your model of F-Series truck has a speaker, do not forget to re-install the connector!

Step 6 - Attach the carbon fiber arm(s) and holder(s)

Attach the 67 Designs' Carbon Fiber Series® arm(s) and device holder(s) that came with your order. 

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