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Product Design

Our designers and engineers work to understand the mission and goals for a product or complete market offering. From simple components to entire packaged products.

Engineering Evaluation

SolidWorks® is our preferred foundational tool for evaluation and detailed analysis of components, tools and assemblies.


Our team has a refined methodology for rapid prototyping in various materials to accelerate iterations. We drive down prototyping and conformance testing costs.

Additive Manufacturing

Since 2012 our company has been developing prototypes and tools in-house with additive (3D Printing) in plastic. In addition we often use metal additive components and tools.

Subtractive Manufacturing

Traditional subtractive CNC machining processes remain the cornerstone of our production components - whether that is sawing, milling, Swiss, or lathe machines.

Finishing & Marking

In-house powder-coating started in 2012. Today we finish aluminum by hand and machine and go on to polish, anodize, laser engrave, powder-coat and more.

Consumer Packaging

Working with local printers and structured materials providers we create optimized packaging, ideally using easily re-cycled materials. We focus on shipping density and fulfillment efficiency.

Inter-Vendor Packaging

No single company can do it all. A deep supplier network has enabled us to create an optimal way to transport components in various stages of completion. This is an often overlooked cost to any physical goods business.

Investing in Others

We know how capital intensive and hard it is to stand up a manufacturing company from scratch. We know the U.S.A. cannot win without a community of supporters to encourage, support and fund the innovators of tomorrow.

Custom Manufacturing

For Land, Sea, Air + Dynamic and Static

Static Environments

It is often surprising how many Enterprise environments require mounting hardware for electronic control systems, test rigs and sensors. Many require specific custom mounts to fit pre-installed production line or other hardware. 

On the Go

67 Designs is very often requested to assist in fleet operations in public service, industrial or harsh environmental settings. Almost all prospective clients are needing a mix of 'off-the-shelf' components together with custom bases and/or custom device holder.

On the Go

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